"Baby's First Guide to Keter-Class Anomalies" & Other Questionable Documents Recovered from the Hard Drive of Dr. ████ ███████

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The following images were found saved on a portable hard drive belonging to Dr. ████ ███████, a level 3 humanoid containment specialist transferred from Site-11 to Site-19 on 08/08/██ and currently assigned to SCP-████. The aforementioned hard drive has since been confiscated by security personnel and delivered to the Site Director's office in order to be searched for any additional information constituting a breach of sensitive material pertaining to objects Dr. ███████'s clearance level and project assignments do not involve. Dr. ███████ has since been transferred to Site-██ for questioning as of 12/██/15. Investigations as to the intended recipient of these documents are ongoing.

- Dr. ████ █████████, current assistant director of information security, 17:32 12/23/15


In addition to these images, the following .txt file was found saved as qwerty12345.txt in the same folder (named "kids_book") on the hard drive, along with the seven .png files shown above and .psd Photoshop document containing the original text and artwork:

Hey honey,

In the midst of all this stress, I was thinking I could spare three hours to make this for us. I probably couldn't, but I did it anyway, as you can see. Yes, I have no idea how to write poetry, but I tried. Anyway, I'm afraid I can't bring it by you because that'd be a bit of a red flag, but this note will (hopefully) prove I'm not procrastinating as much as you say I tend to when I give it to you once we're out of here and the baby's out of you! Which we will be! Out of here, I mean! Very soon! Just sit tight down there while I get the last of everything straightened out. You'll know I mean it when I give you this note and the book later. I promise!


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