i am first he him lesbian on scp wiki dot com


I run the technobabble backed up toilet ADMONITION with my friend Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD

im helping to do Metafoundation, the wiki's first Megacanon, with my friend RallistonRalliston and my other friend Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD. We have a special Discord server which you can join with this link

i did a 7k entry with numerous fine folks ( ) it is all about Luck which is also the SCP-7000 Contest theme . the more yuo know

i also do Basalt with my friend EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte and my other friend Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD which you can find here and theres some other wacky version of it here. not sure whats up with that.

There is nothing else

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