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It is cold.

I felt nothing in my shell as the still ambiance echoed in the deep sea. Placed alongside several others of my kind, I am but an immature being. Despite this, nothing threatens my existence. Baffling as it is, I was left alone.

Together, we sit. Line by line, embryo by embryo, there were hundreds—if not millions—that lay amongst my shell.

And yet, mother never came back.

Left in the deep sea, we grew and grew, with the absence of a parent figure. Why would she produce such a vast amount of embryones and leave us bare? In spite of this, I had grown enough to think my own thoughts, to become self-aware. But these thoughts also brought several ominous ones as well.

Left with my siblings, I began to mull over the truancy of my mother. It had shaken me to my core, thinking that she left me to rot on my own; however, such thoughts eventually left me, washing away in the flow of consciousness.

As I felt the water rush over me, I could feel vibrations amongst the shells. My brethren were shaking, as if to escape, to leave. I watched from my own shell, my prying eyes staring right into theirs.

Where could they go, in this dark environment?

I saw as many of their carapaces started to crack. Wriggling around in their now broken shells, they slowly grew accustomed to the water. Like grains of sand, they began swimming towards the surface—towards the light, which was overshadowed by a tiny figure.

Something was happening, and I didn't know what.

Eventually, I heard the sounds from the surface, loud and abrupt. My siblings have been swimming towards their demise. Why must I watch as they approached their demise? Why must I watch while they took the initiative?

Why have I been left alone?

I shook violently. My stomach started churning, saliva dripping from my throat. At that moment, my brother emerged from my maw; and we both looked—looked up with two pairs of eyes, as a loud roar emanated from the heavens while we thought:


She's calling.

It's time to wake up.

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