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The following file was discovered in the Pataphysics Department database by department archivist Enkidu.aic during a routine check. It was not uploaded by any known IntSCPFN account, seeming to have spontaneously appeared on the server. It purports to be a personnel file for Dr. Zachary Saxon of the Pataphysics Department, but differs greatly in tone and content from Dr. Saxon's actual file. It is maintained here for its believed pataphysical significance. It was the decision of a meeting of Pataphysics Department heads that Dr. Saxon should not be made aware of this file's existence.

Personnel Record: Z. Saxon

Name: Dr. Zachary C. Saxon

Clearance: Level 3.

Position: Researcher, Pataphysics Department, Site-██

Background: Majored in astrophysics at the University of ████████, received a PhD at University of ████████. Was recruited by the Foundation in part due to a short video essay he made about the philosophy of science in which he discussed the hypothetical discovery of a phenomenon which seemed to entirely defy the laws of physics. Though initially assigned to the Astronomy Department, Saxon quickly showed an interest in esoteric sciences such as memetics and thaumatology. He was eventually recruited by the Department of Pataphysics after to his interest in narrative structure and tropes led to him noticing that many SCP documents seemed to contain a narrative structure and tropes, as if they were intended to be interesting as a work of fiction.

Department Note: This section is accurate.

Performance: Dr. Saxon's supervisors have consistently described him as a competent but unexceptional researcher. Some testimonials:

"Oh, yeah, Saxon! I remember him now. What was his best work? He uh, he made some nice plots from data taken on anomalous nebulae. How's he doing in memetics?" - Dr. Terrence Tran, Astronomy Department.

"There are two things I remember most about Zack. The first was his work using memetic agents to contain SCP-████, kind of his shining moment, professionally speaking. At least it was as far as I know, don't know what he has been up to since he transferred. The other is the time I let him stay the night at my house while we were going to a conference. I got him up in the morning and in his half-asleep state he called the guest room ceiling lamp a cognitohazard." - Dr. Shelby Woodman, Memetics Department.

"Dr. Saxon, to be perfectly frank, lacked the ambition and force of will to succeed in thaumaturgy. He has too passive of a personality. To his credit, he was aware enough of his own shortcomings to realize he was a mediocre sorcerer and dropped out of the training program before we needed to ask him to. The most memorable thing he did as a training exercise was bind an extra-dimensional entity to try and help him actualize some of his ideas about how the Super Smash Brothers video games should be made, as well as act as a 'sounding board' for him to talk about his idea for a superhero novel. It wasn't very successful." -Katherine Sinclair, Thaumatology Department.

Dr. Saxon has begun to receive more positive evaluations while working in Pataphysics.

Department Note: The information in this section has been confirmed through investigation to be true, but is clearly not professional to include in a personnel record made available to colleagues. Further, the individuals mentioned in the section claim to have never given the included testimonials.

Documented SCPs:

SCP-3503 - Panic is Pure, Trauma is True, Suffering is Sweet, and Death's a Delight.

In stage 2, infected individuals begin to develop a positive opinion of their PTSD, feeling that having PTSD positively affects their psychological state.

But one time, in one "slide," he didn't really do anything to me. He looked at me for like half a second, then he turned around and walked off.

Somehow that was worse than getting eaten.

Author's Commentary: My very first SCP became a success. This has made me happy ever since, and though I recognize it suffers from clumsy narrative structure, I'm proud of it anyway, on account of what I feel is good imagery and themes.

The seed of the idea was when I was thinking about Gods of nature and how I didn't find them plausible. They were often too human, too sensible and kind to be manifestations of uncontrolled nature, which is as far from caring or nurturing as it gets. Then I realized that there was one god of nature I'd read about who I thought fit the bill fantastically, even though he isn't called a "god of nature." That god is Yaldabaoth. CotBG is easily my favorite fictional religion I've seen in any media, so I love that my first foot forward into SCP writing explores the Mekhane-Yaldabaoth conflict.

Fun Fact: I considered including a brief passage where The Foundation asked some of it's contacts in the Serpent's Hand to ask actual Satyrs if they knew anything about 3503. I decided not to include it to avoid over-complicating the narrative, and because I want to use a similar "zinger" in another article I'm going to write.

SCP-3324 - Getting Kidney Stones in the Past is More Useful than you'd Think.

SCP-3324-2 instances cannot be prevented from urinating into SCP-3324 and passing their kidney stone at the planned time.

Good luck soldier, and drink plenty of fluids.

Author's Commentary: My second SCP. I'm very happy with how this turned out, of all my SCPs I feel it's the least flawed.

This is inspired by my own experiences with kidney stones. I pee in a sieve (the very sieve in the image no less), because if the stone is causing me this much suffering, by god I get to look at it up close after it comes out! But, what if this behavior was a cause, rather than a symptom?

There was a time when I considered writing 3324 in a way that implied someone/something had created the sieve in order to collect/harvest kidney stones, but I decided that this happening for no reason whatsoever was much funnier, and since I was clearly writing a comedic work, that is the way to go.

SCP-4410 - The Ongoing Development of an Art Form

Online collaborations such as this are often fleeting, but there are some very passionate SCP-4410-1 instances. I'm hoping this community can stay active for three, maybe four years. We'll see.

But SCP-4410 is a self portrait, hosted right here in our universe for our viewing pleasure.

Author's Commentary: My 3rd SCP and, as of now, magnum opus. My entry into the 4000 contest. It's about history all right… site history that is.

At the risk of sounding like I'm tooting my own horn, I adore how 4410 turned out. Everything was riding against it. It's a pataphysics SCP, which many on the site have an automatic distaste for. It's an entry to the 4000 contest, so standards are automatically higher than your everyday skip. It is very ambitious, and therefore very easy to screw up. The basic premise is "The SCP wiki is an anomaly documented by the Foundation," which has also been the premise of many a new user coldpost that got soundly elbow dropped into deletion. Most of all, it was a coldpost itself.

In spite of all that, it is now my highest rated SCP by a wide margin. +57 (at the time of writing) (Edit: Now +75) may not seem like much, and it isn't, really. But I honestly doubted I would ever hit +50, and now I have, on the work I feel is the best and most worthy to have my highest rating.

The idea for 4410 originated in seeing a joke on /r/DankMemesfromSite19 which suggested that by Series XI, cognitohazards would crawl out of your computer screen and punch you in the face. The joke of course was about the way that SCPs and site expectations have tended to become more complex over time. I imagined site users eventually figuring out how to make actual anomalies to satisfy the communities hunger for increasingly sophisticated and immersive fiction. I originally conceptualized it as a joke 001 proposal, then realized it could be portrayed seriously as well, and thought that it would be my serious 001 proposal one day. One day being far off, because I was very intimidated by how high-concept the idea was. I thought I'd screw it up if I didn't have enough SCPs under my belt. But when I learned the 4000 contest theme was history, I knew I had to write it before I felt ready. I didn't feel like I was a good enough writer to do the concept justice, and I kind of still don't. But I do think it works, it does what I wanted it to do. I'm proud.

SCP-4619 - reflect.mp4

However, instead of reflecting the camera recording the video and the area behind the camera, the mirror reflects the area in front of the monitor displaying SCP-4619.

You put a mirror in front of a rabbit, they'll think it's another rabbit. You look in a mirror yourself and you can reflect on your own existence. It might be easy for you to take for granted, but one should appreciate what a gift it is, how rich it makes the experience of being.

Author's Commentary: My 5th SCP. This was inspired by a reddit comment I saw in which someone described that as a young kid, they were confused by the fact that they couldn't see their reflection in a photo of a mirror. The idea developed into this.

This is my lowest rated successful SCP, and deservedly so, I think. As I was working on it, I thought "Dang, this isn't quite working as well as it did in my head." I think it works though.

SCP-5875 - A Call to Adventure in a Missive from Below

One result of this is is that SCP-5875-A is constantly exposed to narrative information passing between universes.

SCP-5875-2 instances read as strongly expositional, and in particular are strongly associated with the "Call to Adventure" phase of the Hero's Journey or Monomyth.

Author's Commentary: My Exquisite Corpse contest entry. Shoutouts to PetrogradPetrograd, my mystery collaborator who wrote the containment procedures.

I wanted to give Pataphysics a fun, new space to explore with this, as well as discuss how I think the pataphysical mechanism works without an article being ABOUT that.

When I got the con procs, they suggested a fairly clear type of anomaly, but I struggled greatly to come up with a way to make such an anomaly interesting. Big thanks to my mom, who discussed this problem with me and suggested something like "What if there were aliens that only know how to communicate with humans by making references to human fiction?" The rest of the concept fell into place from there.

Department Note: In reality, Dr. Saxon has worked on over 15 SCP projects. He has worked extensively on SCP-4410 and SCP-5875, but is only tangentially connected to SCP-3503, and is entirely unconnected to SCP-3324 and SCP-4619. It is believed that the large segments of white space labeled "Author's Commentary" actually contain information, but that information is being concealed from Foundation personnel in some way. The factual inaccuracies and apparent attempts at humor present in the document strongly suggests Dr. Saxon is an "Author Avatar," as this has been documented in many confirmed author avatars as well. Dr. Benson has further pointed out that Dr. Saxon suggested Project Piper to contain SCP-4410 Escapist events, as opposed to a more drastic course of action, because he predicted the narrative intent of the author. This could be attributed to an "Author Avatar" status as well. As awareness of this theory may affect future insights of a similar nature, the existence of this file is to be concealed from Dr. Saxon indefinitely.

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