Subject: torcsandantlers

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Personnel Dossier:

Two third instar instances of torcsandantlers' species.

Personnel #: Q-00001

Position: Community Outreach

Clearance: Negative1

Name: Expunged under Advanced-Eshu Protocols

Alias: torcsandantlers

DOB: ██92/██/10

IRC: torcsandantlers
Discord: torcsandantlers#3330
Phone: (719) 266-28372

Biography: torcsandantlers was found as a young ████████ in the forests of the Laurel Highlands near ████████. They were taken to the nearby ██████ Province and convinced that they were an employee of the provisional government. They have since been transferred from government body to government body always with the role of a mid-level civil servant. They have recently been given a fictitious position with the Foundation in order to better observe them.

Personal Information: A wise man once said "keep your mouth shut." I've never been wise, and I've never been good at taking advice. I'm usually working. If you need me, IRC or Discord are the best places to get a hold of me.

I've been around since your dad was a lad, and I've been making bad decisions the whole time.

Assigned Personnel:

Other Projects:

Awards and Recognition:

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