Assistant "Kaz" Personnel File

Name: Assistant "Kaz" (sometimes "Kazyan") ██████

Restrictions: Assistant "Kaz" is not allowed to be left unattended during work, especially in laboratories. Leaving him unattended can result in spills and broken objects. "Kaz" is given a laminated map of Site ██ to avoid becoming lost Map has been lost, consequently recovered and incinerated. (Security breach contained.)

"Kaz" is not to be tasked with remembering information or safekeeping an object. Instead, he has been given a large, colorful notebook and a supply of disposable pens for transcribing information.

Description: Assistant "Kaz" is a knowledgeable chemist that has served the Foundation in studies of certain SCP items. Specifically, a large amount of composition information comes from his studies. "Kaz" is driven by a desire for information, though he is rarely able to recall it later. While competent at mathematics and possessing a well-developed number sense, the assistant will very frequently misspeak numbers. This has caused accidents in the past, involving reports on specific SCP items.

I didn't get my xenon. Did I order it over the phone? Or do they just not ship here? — Assistant "Kaz"

SCP items cataloged:
SCP-876 - Element-Switching Pills
SCP-466 - Mobile Veins
SCP-996 - Broken Topology
SCP-436 - Error Locket

Additional Documentation:
Experiment Log 876
Experiment Log 819-466

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