Assistant Chubert's Personnel File

Name: Li “Chubert” Huang.

Security Clearance Level: Level 3

Occupation: Assistant Researcher currently working under Dr. Franzs. Specializes in testing newly discovered SCP objects for paranormal effects.

History: Assistant Researcher Huang was a member of an expedition launched by the Chinese government to investigate SCP-468. The expedition was detained by Foundation personnel, and Assistant Huang was recruited by Dr. Franzs.


SCP-384: “Let Her In”
SCP-468: “The Abacus”
SCP-785: “A Chain Restaurant”
SCP-891: “California Field”
SCP-1739: "Obsolete Laptop"
SCP-1789: "Irate Finger"
SCP-2078: "Third Party"
SCP-2178: "Great Sage"
SCP-2777: "He Who Would Be King"
SCP-3087: "The Owl-Car"


Exploded Diagram of a Young Woman
Null Space
Ouroboric Tango

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