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This month's feature is our winners from our Instagram OC creation contest! Here our top three entries, as decided by the Instagram community. To see our bonus winners, all contest entries, and more about the contest, check out our contest page or Instagram page!


First place entry, art of [REDACTED], by semi_karn. Click the preview to see it at full size.

[REDACTED] a psychologist working at SCP research facility in site-17 specialize in gerontology. Currently studying xenobiology for personal interest of transferring to other site that contains more extraterrestrial anomalies. [REDACTED] is a bright and rather wild young girl with a natural fascination for things out of the norm. A skilled and knowledgeable individual who was scouted by one of the O5 council themselves. However, she was given only level 3 access clearance due to the site director not approving of her behavior. [REDACTED] has some tendency to make decisions based on her emotion, which causes some minor SCP casualties the first day on site. This was entry number 11 to our contest, and was semi_karn's first time entering one of our contests.


Second place entry, art of She Liqiu, by berri.cake. Click the preview to see it at full size.

She Liqiu, Senior Researcher at Site-18.
This was entry number 14 to the contest, and was berri.cake's first time entering one of our contests.


Third place entry, art of Dr. Jade P.N.G, art by _jadeitor_. Click the preview to see it at full size.

Dr. Jade P.N.G. on Site-1483-Beta, Grey Mountain Province, Antarctic.
This was entry number 4 to the contest, and was jadeitor's second time entering one of our contests.

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