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Interpertation of SCP-6004 by Dr WhitneyDr Whitney. Click this preview to view the full image!

All probably go with this unless you think there is a different one I should use….. As an artist Ive always been fascinated with the idea of drawing monsters. Its a unique opportunity you create something new but the truth about creativity is you have to barrow from other things you can invent a new color so to speak. So I try and draw from animals and all sorts of creatures I do my best to give these characters life and think what do I wanna say with this monster who are they. As much as making a monster is about making something scary if its just that then once you have seen it once where do you go from there.


Interpertaion of SCP-5321, by LuxaikoLuxaiko. Click this preview to view the full image!

This drawing of 5321 (by GrimmCreeper) was made in spirit of Sciptember for the very first prompt of ‘apollyon’. Honestly I was really inspired by the image used in it, and if you look closely the background of the character has that exact image. I wanted a focus on the AI as well as the very blue hues that popped out at you. Serene but a little alarming. It was really fun picking a dramatic line to use too, I try to captivate the watcher the same way a writer might by using hooks like that.


SCP-6000 Contest Banner, by UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing. Click this preview to view the full image!"

I was given the opportunity to make the banner for the 6k contest and it ended up being one of my favorite pieces I’ve made for the Wiki! While I usually consider myself a character artist, I’ve been exploring learning how to paint landscapes/outdoor scenes, and this was one of my first times really sitting down to do just that. At first I was a bit stumped by the prompt - nature is such a broad topic it was hard to narrow it down to one single image, but I ended up pulling inspiration from the nature I find myself hiking in every week - California’s amazing coastal salt marshes. I hope that when people view this piece, they find themselves standing there too, with the mud between their toes, the smell of salt in the air, and the coastal fog brushing against their skin.

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