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Interpretation of SCP-1903, by agente alanagente alan. Click the preview to see it at full size.

I've always liked to give characters my own design, adding details or clothing that they didn't have before. For SCP-1903 I decided to draw her wearing something other than the white dress she is always drawn in. I thought about it for some time until I came up with the idea of a long dark blue dress with white dots; I wanted her to be elegant as well, so I drew her with a scarf and some other details. SCP-1903 is, in my opinion, an article with one of the images that best represents the anomaly, and I think that's why I made this design one of my own. I hope to do more someday!


Depiction of SCP-ES-113, by nihonionihonio. Click the preview to see it at full size.

I made this piece back for the SCPtober in 2021. Sadly, I only could do two of the days (Favorite article and SCP-ES-113), but it was extremely fun to see everyone participate and submit their drawings. As part of the social media team over the hispanic branch, I got to spread a lot of the art done for it. Hope if it's done again this year more people might want to join in.

Anyways, this piece also helped me realize I liked painting more than I originally thought. So that's another plus.


Illustration of SCP-5000, by AnAnomalousWriterAnAnomalousWriter. Click the preview to see it at full size.

SCP-5000 is probably the article I can attribute that firmly cemented my interest in the SCP universe, and in a way instigated my future contributions off-site and on-site. So I thought, why not make SCP-5000 the second article to be featured in my more ambitious "Art Piece Wallpaper Series." and here we are :D

Thought of the composition of the image by visualizing the final scenes of the article, paired with the iconic message. Also chose a larger scale overall to emphasize the threat of going against the Foundation. Furthermore, also used it as an experimentation with lighting and compositing, specifically the backlit scenes. A testing ground of sorts for a thing I have yet to release/complete at this time of writing ;)

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