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Juana Clio [REDACTED] from SCP-4179, by Agente ShuffleAgente Shuffle. Click the preview to see it at full size.

Well, what can I say about this one? Ever since I read SCP-4179 I wondered what Clio looked like, and now I've drawn her! I tried to keep it as accurate to the original description as possible, while also including some ideas of my own. I especially like the vintage look I achieved here; it doesn't look too old or damaged, but it doesn't look perfectly preserved either. I think it gives this drawing an unique vibe that, in my opinion, perfectly fits SCP-4179.


Sarkic Seal, ketchup on pancake, by BangjaBangja. Click the preview to see it at full size.

I have no drawing skills and poor design skills. Nevertheless, I found a way to contribute artwork - with food art that no one has ever tried.

I ask carefully. Do you happen to have a forehead that can crack an egg? Do you have enough forearm muscles to squeeze ketchup? Then you have passed the first step of your contribution. Next step is to upload to the Wiki.

Don't hesitate!


SCP-2521, by CrystlonCrystlon. Click the preview to see it at full size.

This piece is for one of my favorite articles, and it's one of my favorite pieces I've made! It was my first time really doing forced perspective with pixel art (which turned out great!), and the simple coloring looks nice. I also tried to make SCP-2521 look like it was reaching out to grab th

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