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stephlynch's Milk Jesus. Click this preview to view the full image!

"Milk Jesus" was inspired by a now-deleted article of the same name by DarnellJermaine, famous host of the Discovering SCP podcast. When I saw that Darnell was being digitally crucified in a manner not unlike Jesus himself, the flames of indignation arose in my chest and galvanized me to create this piece. I toiled away for three days and three nights in Blender, making sure every inch of the canvas conveyed pure suffering. This work, plus many others on my art page, have served as a way to show my appreciation for SCP authors. I hope that those who enjoyed "Milk Jesus" will also allow the same feelings into their hearts.


Duy Giang's take on a scene taken from SCP-6820 "TERMINATION ATTEMPT." Click this preview to view the full image!"

I love this piece most, it is different from my others. The drawing was for the last day of SCiPTEMPER, a reading and drawing challenge by Aethris on Twitter in September (her art are very good) with the tag: k-class-scenario, and I chose 6820. Because it was my last day of the challenge, so I add something different to this piece (more of digital painting instead of normal lighting) and it came out very well.

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