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Balthazaar's SCP-6004. Click this preview to view the full image!

Hmm, what can I say about my art? Honestly I've never been one to think deeply into a concept until after I make it. This image was for Balthazaar for their scp 6k entry. I believe it's 6004. They asked for a snake and I made one because I thought reptiles are cool. Same process for my comics. All have a loose idea then go for it. I've found that when I have a plan I rarely finish things so I live in the moment and discover what a drawing is and what it means while I do it.


Preview of the The Warrior Path scene. Click to view the full image.

SCP has been an amazing discovery, something found by accident that has made my art get better and meet a lot of new people. So this art piece I did for the SCP-6500 was an amazing opportunity to show my love for this community. I am glad I was able to contribute with my art for that amazing article.


SCP-5001 Sacrosanct aka big 53km ball

This piece is probably one that I am most proud of, more refined than my usual ones, it is also one in a long series of wallpapers. A wallpaper series that started out on the SCP subreddit then grew from there. I wanted to contribute something to the site but back then I did not have enough confidence to write an article. So I made an artpage instead by using and compiling my stuff from the subreddit. For a first on site impression, I think I did good. Then my SCP content evolved from there, to the realm of motion graphics and what not. This is what I love about the SCP wiki, the variety of media that it can be adapted to by anyone. :)

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