The Three Documents of "The Artist Formerly Known As Chuck"
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The following digital documents were intercepted by outzone agents from Artist networks in the former United States territory of Bismarck, North Dakota between the dates of July 8th, 2033 and January 13th, 2036.
All three documents are believed to be written by Charley De Salvo, also known as "The Artist Formerly Known As Chuck". De Salvo was previously a known member of Artist collective "Are We Cool Yet?" prior to the MA-event, but had no detectable activity between the event and 2033.

Title: The Champion of the New World

Material Requirements:

  • Six white canvas tarps
  • 50m flexible stainless steel tubing
  • Two glass spheres (30-50cm diameter)
  • Nylon cord
  • ~6 metric tons concrete
  • 12m stainless steel rods
  • Latex paint

Abstract: The Champion of the New World is a 10m-tall statue and monument composed of concrete and steel, and ornamented with painted canvas and glass eyes (See enclosed pencil sketch). The base of this statue will be an 8m-tall concrete monolith, with three pieces of steel tubing attached at the upper edge to act as a neck and arms, with concrete hands (using the steel rods as fingers) and head (with set glass eyes) attached at the other ends. The head and upper "body" of this statue will be covered with the canvas.

The canvas coverings of the statue will be painted by a team of anartists with patterns designed to enhance tactical, intellectual and artistic performance, as well as provide a number of other properties (not shown in sketch). These paintings on the canvas will not include any depictions of faces. The monolith will be engraved with the names of known Artists killed or detained by the United Front.

The Champion of the New World will be constructed within a properly-enclosed area in front of the capitol building to ensure proper development of its intelligence and personality, and will be revealed and activated at the initiation of the 2034 exhibition. The piece will remain public in the exhibition grounds indefinitely.

Intent: The past few years have been very challenging, even for non-figurative Artists. If the destruction/corruption of a large portion of our artwork during A-Day wasn't enough, the resulting rise of the United Front has since torn our community to shreds. Today, we are hunted by the UF for our artistic drive and ability. If it seems like I'm stating the obvious, it's only because I hope that this will one day act as a history lesson after everything has changed.

After the 2024 exhibition was abruptly cancelled, it seems appropriate that the 2034 exhibition should be used to usher in a new age, and The Champion of the New World is intended to do just that. This monument will mark the date in which we make full use of this new artistic climate, instead of being held back by it, and rise to a new level of free artistic expression.

I'll admit, our previous experiments within the new paradigm have not instilled confidence, especially with the recent collapse of the tattoo commune and the loss of Oregon. However, our current understanding of the methods of enclosure has given us a new tool which I strongly believe will revolutionize artwork. By keeping the work properly enclosed during creation and in the period afterward, the artist can control the development of the work's mind, a process which has previously only been possible for the most skilled anartists.

The Champion of the New World will be more than just a symbol and a proof of concept. All of our collective effort will focus on turning it into a formidable, immortal guardian of the arts. It will protect our community from the United Front and anyone else who would try to harm us, and carry our artistic vision with it into the future, until the date when we can create without restriction.

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