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From: J. Thackery, Archival Department
To: J. Caldmann, Head of Archival
Re: INTERNAL MEMO Re: Ticket #: 30298 ("Locked Disk Space") Re: Ticket #: 19282 ("Sentient Filesystem")

As it turns out, Archival-AI-not-Department's taken an interest in expressing whatever strange motivations it's got ticking around inside of its processes in the form of graphical art. To this end, it's reserved some disk space as a meta-archive of its own dedicated to the collection of whatever graphical output it churns out, and a cursory inspection shows nothing too worrying on that front.

So to solve this problem, I'm recommending just opening it up for public viewing at this point in time; call it "groundbreaking output from in-house neural networks" or some crap along those lines. That being said, standard InfoSec still applies to something whether or not it's a document or an graphical depiction, so a couple "house rules":

1. No opening images of SCPs above your paygrade. (Give the images Level-specific permission bits?)
2. No opening images of personnel above your paygrade.
3. If a chat terminal opens up, do not interact with it.

That's all the concerns I've got as it stands, and I reckon that this particular piece of the clusterfuck pie can be marked down as [CLOSED] until further notice.


Personnel and Persons of Interest

Dr. Ali Kamelov

Researcher Ell Crailey

Researcher Emma Stark

Dr. Mark Kiryu

The Rookie


Dr. Sophia Light

Agent Sasha Merlo



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