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0. The Original

HarryBlankHarryBlank made this image to advertise his 7k.

And then he never did.

So I took on the burden.

I have collected the 35 tweets and associated images and text I made over the course of the 7k voting period and presented them here for your viewing "pleasure".


1. The Shallow Fry

@HarryBlankSCP #scp #SCPFoundation #scp7kcontest #onguard43

I started the process with a simple shallow fry with some glowing red wettle eyes on the side. I added some text in a childish font, some very basic conspiratorial thinking: 43 decomposes to 4 + 3, which adds to 7, which means 7k hashtag wettlesweep. I saved the JPEG with 30% to 40% compression. After all, I had 30 or more days of this.


2. The Deep Fry

For day 2, I said nothing, but saved the image at 10% compression.


3. Eyes of the Loser

every day i make it worse

I had already added red Wettle eyes, but they had lost definition in the compression.

So I added more.


4. Crown of Chaos: teh loser

tehre is no escape.

I honestly don't know why the face got better. Maybe I worked off of the wrong one. Not a mistake I made again.

I added a star shaped thingy above his head as a crown of sorts.


5. The Fried Crown

day… 5? I'm losing track.

This was not the first time time became meaningless during 7k. It would not be the last.


6. O Canada

teh loser day 6
i added something to emphasize the canadian setting

And what is more Canadian than a creative commons Maple Leaf SVG?


7. Deep Fried Maple Syrup

day 6 for realsies this time
making it worse, makin it worse

It was not, in fact, day 6.


8. Moose!

it has come to my attention that it may not have been canadian enough. Here, have a moose.

I think the caption here is self explanatory. Yet GIMP's select by color tool is quite fickle, and so I was only able to partially remove the forest background of my moose picture.


9. Beavers!

the people get what the people want

bigslothonmyfacebigslothonmyface suggested I add some beavers, so I did.


10. By Grufugoi

i realized that in my efforts to make the hype posters for my favorite 7k entry, the loser, more Canadian, i had forgotten some very important information like name and title
I have rectified that.

There is a running joke where people confuse Harry Blank and Grigori Karpin. Grigori doesn't actually like it when you anglophonize his username though. Sorry Grigori. I needed to stretch out the joke.


11. I mean By Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin

pselled it wrong

This is the second part of the already stretched out joke, in which I spell Grigori's name right.


12. By the loser, Harry Blank

god i keep messing up the basics

After 3 days of trying, I finally put the author on the thing correctly.


13. Commas are important, kids.

this marks the 13th edit i've made i think
13 indeed?

In this one, I crossed out the comma after "The loser" because it does in fact imply that Harry is the loser. This is not the case. Ignore the fact that I added the picture of Dr. Harry Blank from SCP-7000 below. Ignore it.


14. Pixels.

This was a lazy one. I just pixeled it.


15. Lens Flair

it was starting to look too pixely so i tried fixing it with a blur

At this point, I decided to feign caring about aesthetics, which really opened up a lot of possibilities


16. This Loser Not That One

the captions were in the way so I felt like clarifying further

Using a tool to add text ultimately ends up being rather neat and clean, compared to drawing it haphazardly with your mouse. I decided to add Wettle back in with more clarity and to clarify that Wettle, not Dr. Blank, was The Loser.


17. Blending In

day 16 8/11/2022: did some modifications for visual consistency

I blurred Wettle so it was just his face. I didn't give any care to the rest of the picture.


18. Intermitted Vengeance

by the way, the chaos insurgency is in this one. Harry Blank doesn't advertise it with that fact, but it is.
though to be fair this is because harry hasn't advertised this at all

I gave Wettle a clown collar that was the Chaos Insurgency logo.


19. Red Right Dot

here comes the sun doo doo doo doo

1) the red light thingy is part of the proper chaos insurgency logo and the chaos insurgency is in this one
2) it also looks like a clown nose and wettle is a clown

this is your daily dose of wettlefacts

To go with the collar I gave him a clown nose. I also plugged my own 7k, SCP-7997, in the replies. It didn't really help.


20. Bringing Beaver Back

it was no longer obvious this was canadian so I added a beaver pic back in

"Beaver" can be slang for vagina.


21. More Pixels More Censorship

lets play spot the difference

got lazy, just blurred it.


22. The Prettiest Wettle's Ever Been

i think wettle looks better this way

Saved at 10% compression


23. The Rainbow Is Not A Social Commentary

in order to emphasize how "political" (i.e. "Canadian") i have added the author's name in rain8ow (sorry b key 8broke)

My b key really was broken, but I set up a macro to type it anyways. Replaced my keyboard though!

The comment was in no way a commentary and is just a reference to how the OG43 logo is a picture of Canadian geography which is political because of uh the colonization history.


24. Remember, this is Canadian!

genuinely surprising no one has called me out on how lazy my depictions of canadianiness are

I was honestly too lazy to try to pull the maple leaf pic again and it didn't feel right either.


25. Moose are Canadian, right?

i've only seen a moose in the wild once
it was off the road around 30 feet
there were a whole bunch of tourists looking at it and taking pictures
or maybe the road was empty and it was sunset
i don't recall it was many moons ago
how many?
who knows

Comment based on a true story.


26. It has come to my attention that my understanding of Canada is superficial.

putting a little more effort into the canadianness , just a little

And what could be more Canadian than healthcare?


27. Now Presenting the Time After Time Password

did you know william wettle appears in the tale series "the time after time password" by HarryBlankHarryBlank

weird right

Art is from that tale series.

Harry didn't believe that tale series got tags anymore.

I proved him wrong. #time-after-time-password


28. Looking Sharp

wettle looking "sharp"ened

I just used the sharpening tool and the blur tool in various measures.


29. A Pretty Watercolor

everyone seems "burned out" by 7kcon so I decided to apply a "water color" filter to the meme i think that is uspposed to help?


30. Abstraction

this "filters" things is real cool, it's like a replacement for actual artistic ability! (not a commentary on current happenings on the scp wiki)

This was probably a commentary on a current happening on the SCP Wiki.


31. Oops Maple Syrup Spill

oops accidentally dropped some maple syrup on my dank meme.



32. Starting from the Beginning

sometimes you fuck up so badly it's easier to start from the beginning

I tried undoing the maple syrup spill via filters but it didn't work so instead I put in a Wettle drawing and some basic descriptions.


33. Bringing Everything Back


Something had been lost, something essential. So I recreated everything from all the pictures I had lying around.


34. Dawn of a New Day


There was one day left until results were announced.


35. SCP-7000


And it was official.



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