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Welcome to my art page! - [Author page]

Notice: I mostly post on Instagram and Tumblr (same username), but I'll try to put new and better art here when I remember to.

Here's some of my art! There are only a few drawings on here, because I tend to use very large canvases and don't want to steal too much of your internet :)

I mostly draw scenes from or related to Tales, but I also take lots of requests, which you can ask for on my Tumblr! (I'd recommend opening the original image for these, as they can be quite detailed at times!)

My most recent work (as of updating this page):

Colouring practice with SCP-6118 :) I'm really proud of how it came together!

Art for the Tale I, Azrael:

My first attempt at using colour mapping in a painting:

That's all for now!

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