Steel and Flesh, Assimilated

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How does it feel to be me?

Hello, this is my entry for Remixcon 2023. This is my interpretation of both SCP-007 and SCP-191, if their descriptions had been reversed. At first, I thought of drawing three entries but I ended up taking too much time with SCP-191. I hope you'll like it.


Instead of being a human that happened to have a planet in place of his abdomen, his entire body was intensively modified with cybernetics specifically to sustain the planet he houses in his body.


The Carrion Child

…is what I call her. Instead of being fused with cybernetics, her body is assimilated with the flesh and body parts of multiple unknown, anomalous organisms. I have also made two alternate versions of my SCP-191 artwork, with only slight color and characteristic differences.

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