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Captain's Log, 06/26/24

I got back into the SCP Foundation during the second Covid lockdown in 2021, years having passed since my first bout of obsession with it in my early teens. I thought my interest in it would be brief, something to pass the time until I'd be able to occupy myself otherwise again, but three years and several hundred pieces of ambitious and less ambitious fanart later, here I am, woefully not yet free.

In order to have something to show for it, here's a gallery of every piece I've made for or directly based on something on the wiki, starting circa mid 2023. I'll try my best to update it as I go.

Feel free to peruse at your leisure. I'll see you around!


meaning my own original stories (as much as anything SCP can really be called 'original'). More to come, hopefully. In chronological order of posting.


The king has died
"Kid, listen. Shit isn't fair here."


They thought he was your boyfriend
"Can I tell you a secret, too?"


meaning Illustrations directly based on other community members' work. Sorted by series/canon, as I'm a tale reader at heart.

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