RESPOND: Telecommunications Monitoring Office Fanart

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Filename: Respond
Author: winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0
Source Link: SCP Foundation
Derivative of: Telecommunications Monitoring Office, formed by MeserachMeserach, Agente ShuffleAgente Shuffle, and BattleblockB0ssBattleblockB0ss

Telecommunications Monitoring Office Hub

(Formed by Meserach, Agente Shuffle, and BattleblockB0ss and drawn by winkwonkboi.)

Artist's Commentary

Finally, I have made fanart of something other than an SCP article.

This all started when a title of a potential TMO tale waltzed into my mind and motivated me to write a story on it. But when I realize I barely know anything about the department, I made the decision to read the Sofia Muñoz series. And holy hell, it was quality shit.

I've only ever read two articles from this team during Departmentcon, so I am ashamed that I didn't take the time to check this out earlier. Either way, though, I'm glad I did. It was very engaging and well-executed throughout. I especially enjoyed the characters and overall atmosphere. Will I ever contribute to this collections of stories? Maybe, when I actually come up with an idea for the title I have in mind. Speaking of titles, I have my own little writing challenge you can find here. Yes, that's right, this is a plug.

Anyway, time to return to my bathroom space. I'll see you guys later.

Say it with me, everybody!

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