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My name is MyNameJers, also known as 'Jers_Treeman' on Reddit or as just 'Jers' by my friends.

I do a decent enough amount of art of the SCP universe, and at the urging of one of the mods on the SCP Reddit, have finally made a art page for y'all here on the site.

Also, I have recently started a short comic series titled Two and a Half Anomalies, starring SCPs 682 and 079 who are trying to take care of 053 while on the run from the Foundation. Hi-jinks ensue when other SCPs or MTFs run into the gang.

This is my first time both making a page here as well as having a comic series, so I would appreciate any advice and also to be nice and not hurt me please.

Hope you enjoy!

Two And a Half Anomalies

2022 Art

2021 Art

2020 Art

2019 Art

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Twitter - @chrisTheJers
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Reddit - u/Jers_TreeMan
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