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I am Lapiz MoonLapiz Moon, an aspiring comic artist that is cursed with a habit of procrastination.
In all honesty the reason I have made this page as there was a predicament where my comics were sometimes removed from the official subreddit as they were not directly related to the wiki.
So as per their suggestion (and spite) I made this page to showcase my SCP art from now on.
Mainly an OC of mine who is a D-Class personnel.

D-Class 9842

Name: Takumi Kamiyama (Eng. Alias: Martin Ragnar)

Species: Human

Birth: 16/05/1984

Former occupation: Civil servant

Experiments been through: 9 (and still counting)

Assigned E-designation: 4 times

Status: Alive

Description: D-Class 9842 is a mixed race male with east Asian and western heritage. He initially appears as an easy-going and almost ignorant guy by acting oblivious to the danger that surrounds him in the Foundation.
Although that being the case, he is well aware of what he is doing and the consequences of his actions to his own life. Despite being a death row inmate, to the Foundation's eyes he has an unusual expertise on military combat and an awareness of the Foundation's motives.
However, the Foundations is unable to identify any more information to his background and treats him like a special expendable for tedious and dangerous experiments.

SCP Artworks


It is advised to read the comics from right to left as a typical manga format.


These are short strips showcasing comedic events and predicaments D-9842 goes through and other unrelated characters.

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