Inkscapetober Day 8: Watch

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Subject: SunnyClockwork

Commentary: SunnyClockwork's art is among the most recognizable and perhaps the most famous artworks on this site. I tried to copy the characteristic monochromatic style into this coat of arms. And of course this is harder than I imagined at first. Even though the style is easy to recognize and the use of only two colors definitely helps, it took me way longer than I thought. But in the end, although it is almost immediate that this is not original SunnyClockwork art, I dare say that I did a pretty nice job.

How the prompt fits in: Watch: will it be a verb or a noun? I went with the noun. Although not every clockwork makes a watch, I did put hands on the clockwork to at least make it a clock. And we can round that off to a watch, right?

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