Inkscapetober Day 7: Fan

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Subject: Edna Granbo

Commentary: What to say of Edna Granbo? When I first started thinking about this prompt, I almost immediately decided that I should make it for someone that's a big fan of something. Eventually, I chose Edna for being a big fan of the band GWAR. Now before you go and look that up, I have to warn you that their content is quite mature. One can see this, for example, in the name of their guitarist, whose helmet sits on top of the coat of arms. To further emphasize the fact that we talk about GWAR, I added a portrait of their former singer (in costume, to be clear). Lastly, the motto is taken from one of the best worst author pages.

How the prompt fits in: As I said, Edna Granbo is a big fan of GWAR. Despite that being pretty obvious from what I've put into the coat of arms, I decided that I also had to make the fan part explicit. Hence the introduction of the hand fan.

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