Inkscapetober Day 4: Knot

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Subject: flagsam aka CuteGirl

Commentary: CuteGirl is currently one of the operators of SkipIRC. When she is not busy moderating the chat, CuteGirl likes to smith from time to time. Therefore I have included Hephaistos, smith to the Greek gods, in the coat of arms. In the other quarters I placed a nice knot pattern, which could just as well be one of CuteGirls silver creations. These patterns also reflect CuteGirl's Keltic heritage. And as a last reference to the smithing, I decided to add not a motto or supporters, but a beautifully smithed frame (or console).

How the prompt fits in: When thinking of ornamental knots, the first thing that comes to my mind are the Keltic knots.

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