Inkscapetober Day 31: Risk

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Subject: Woedenaz

Commentary: And lastly for something completely different: a format screw. Woedenaz, being the primary designer of the Anomaly Classification Bar, has had quite the impact on the design of many articles. Therefore, it would seem fitting to me that the coat of arms reflects that. The shape and colors are very much inspired by ACS. I did invent my own disruption and risk classes though. The fire is no longer bounded to an eye and there is a tremendous abundance of white circles. But in the end, Woedenaz has helped the Foundation by introducing, amongst others, ACS and I therefore classify him as Thaumiel.

How the prompt fits in: The last prompt definitely wasn't the easiest. The idea of Risk in combination with the Foundation eventually kept me leading back to ACS. So in the end I decided to just go for it.

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