Inkscapetober Day 30: Slither

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Subject: DrClef

Commentary: Once again, this is a mix between author and author character. And there is quite a lot happening here. On the shield we see the C-clef. Around that a snake is wrapped; the snake being an animal that's often associated with the author character. The snake is crowned with a red crown. I chose this because DrClef's highest rated works, SCP-231 and SCP-2317, both feature the Scarlet King. The shape of the shield is a regular 23-sided polygon, an implicit reference to SCP-233. The hat on top of the shield is one of the kind that the author character is commonly portrait with. Lastly, next to the shield we see my interpretation of the Gate Guardian, with its four fiery wings.

How the prompt fits in: Something that slithers… But of course that has to be a snake.

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