Inkscapetober Day 3: Vessel

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Subject: Dr. Harold R. Blank

Commentary: Where the previous coat of arms was partly for the author and partly for the author character, I decided to make this one entirely for the character. Dr. Harold R. Blank is, according to his namesake HarryBlankHarryBlank, "specialist in physics (particularly optics) and history". And that I tried to incorporate in this coat of arms. The optics are represented by the lens and the history is of course the book. The Latin motto can be translated as "The blank page [is] the beginning", which is both a reference to the process of writing history and to a certain author page. As a last note I'd like to make clear that I do not wish to reduct HarryBlankHarryBlank's writing process to "pouring ink on paper", although I do like to think that this is what Dr. Harold R. Blank does when his pen breaks down.

How the prompt fits in: Although the prompt Vessel leaves much room for interpretation, I had a hard time connecting it to an author or author character. It was only when looking at certain examples of vessels that I got the idea of using an ink pot.

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