Inkscapetober Day 26: Connect

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Subject: Oboebandgeek99

Commentary: This coat of arms stretches heraldic rules so much. First of all, we have the background of the shield. I don't think I ever saw a linear gradient on a shield before. But here we are. The outer sides of the shield are a reference to the Calamity theme, which contains in my opinion the most awesome header on this site. In the middle there is an oboe. From the oboe comes music that eventually ends up in the ears of the supporters. For all the 98 other oboe band geeks around here: the music is the first bar of the Adagio of Marcello's Oboe Concerto (in D minor, not in C minor).

How the prompt fits in: The moral of this coat of arms, as far as something like that exists, is that music is a connecting element. That, and the figure on the right of the shield is definitely a modified USB symbol. But that may just be my opinion.

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