Inkscapetober Day 19: Loop

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Subject: Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate PhD

Commentary: So this format screw is once again for an author character. To fully understand this work, one probably should read SCP-5242 (SCP-INTEGER) first, since Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate's entire identity was shaped by that anomaly. And as a result the coat of arms will reflect that change. The symbol on the shield, which is now a square, was taken from the article. If there is any design or pattern describing Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate, it is this. The supporters have gone through the same process of abstractisation, and so has the motto.

How the prompt fits in: A circle is also a loop. So that works, right? Right. If I'm being honest, the idea for this coat of arms had aldreay been in my head for a while, and when I decided to participate in Inktober, I looked if I could fit this idea with a prompt. And here we are.

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