Inkscapetober Day 16: Compass

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Subject: fairydoctor

Commentary: Yet another coat of arms with a lone supporter in the back. The articles by fairydoctor sometimes have the tendency of being rather devisive, attracting about as many upvotes as downvotes. The fairies on the coat of arms therfore place both an upvote and a downvote on either side of the compass rose. The E here does not only stand for East, but is also a reference to SCP-5561, one of fairydoctor's not so devisive articles. Next to the fairies there also need be a doctor of course, and that is the supporter. Perhaps not the doctor one thinks of first, but I thought this one to be most fitting.

How the prompt fits in: This is one of the few coats of arms where a started with the prompt and built the rest around it. I found Compass to be too specific to do this the other way around. But, at least in my opinion, I think that I managed to make it so that the compass does not feel tacked on.

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