Inkscapetober Day 14: Tick

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Subject: tawnyowljones

Commentary: tawnyowljones is a valued forum critic, and in that capacity it also has the power to give greenlights. I tried to represent this in the coat of arms. The owl is tawnyowljones itself of course, and in its claws it holds the green check mark which represents the greenlight. In the background we see crosses which represent the ideas that have not received a greenlight yet. I would like to stress that I do not wish to disqualify ideas that are not greenlighted, although the use of a cross may give that idea. The choice for this symbol was made to enhance the significance of the check mark.

How the prompt fits in: Tick is often followed by tock, but that would lead us back to clocks, and there have already been two instances of clockwork this month. That felt like a bit much, so I tried to find another interpretation. This became the check mark.

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