Inkscapetober Day 12: Stuck

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Subject: Dr Gears

Commentary: It is time for yet another classic author. As with Kain Pathos Crow I tried to represent the most famous SCPs by the author. First and foremostly this means that I had to include SCP-682. And the only reasonable way I could think of doing so, was by adding a picture of 682 itself. This one is made by Dr Whitney does not match any existing user name, whose art can be found here. Furthermore there had to be some gears on this coat. I eventually those to include SCP-217, for it seems that Dr Gears's work itself is infested by it. Lastly, the interseting shape of this coat of arms is inspired by SCP-184.

How the prompt fits in: So there's two ways I tried to incorporate the prompt this time. First off, there's 682, which is stuck in a chamber of acid. Secondly, there's the clockwork, which despite my best attempts is probably very much unable to function properly.

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