Inkscapetober Day 10: Pick

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Subject: taylor_itkin

Commentary: Sometimes I feel like making a format screw out of my coats of arms. And by that I mean that I like to stretch the limits of what a coat of arms can represent. And this time I decided to turn the coat into a nice little 'guitar'. One of taylor_itkin's best known qualities, at least to me, is his musicality. And therefore the entire shield is now guitar-like. I chose to include unicorns because of his author page. And yes, those grey things are the strings.

How the prompt fits in: I have said and will say this some more, but this was a hard prompt. At first I tried to use Pick as a verb, but that gave me no inspiration at all. When I tried to approach the noun side of the prompt, I first ended up with the mining tool. Only when I interpreted the prompt as 'plectrum' did I get a good idea. The pick has ended up where every pick will end up some day, as you can see.

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