DITTO: SCP-#### Fanart

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Filename: Ditto
Author: winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0
Source Link: SCP Foundation
Derivative of: SCP-####, written by ratking666ratking666

SCP-#### - The sad man

(Written by ratking666 and drawn by winkwonkboi.)

Artist's Commentary

Oh, woe is me. I crie.

So yeah, here's my attempt at digital art. I tried to do it before using my finger, but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted. But now that I'm using a pen this time, I had a better grip on drawing digitally.

I wanted to test my skills by drawing fanart for an SCP, so after having a brief thought about it, I decided to do this. And by golly, it looked way better than what I was expecting.

The design of the original article's character was simple enough for me to recreate. I also came up with the crying faces around him on a whim, which obviously represent the -1 instances. It took me some time to finish this, and I'm honestly very proud with the result.

I'm planning on doing more digital fanart of articles, so look forward to those in the future. For now, though, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Let 'Em Cry!

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rating: +40+x
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