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…Like Clockwork

Written by Decibelles

All I have to do is step forward, remember that "yes" is "yes", and hold on. Eventually, the answer will come for why things are the way they are.

Follow Researcher Talloran as they navigate the thin line between the real and unreal, chaos and order, internal and eternal, and just maybe, claw their way into reconciliation.

…Like Clockwork is acutely raw and personal, sometimes intense and always with purpose - it is definitely a worthwhile experience, in every sense of the word.
Abuse, gore, self-harm, suicide, body horror

Conwell's Choice


The Phoenix, The Nightingale, and The Magpies

Written by GreenWolf

The SCP Foundation has captured one of the most powerful mages ever born. The question remains: What will they do to ensure she remains on their side?

As the fallout of the Seventh Occult War weighs on humanity, the Foundation tries its best to ensure old enemies don't rise again. The only way to achieve this is to do the unthinkable — recruit its new enemies as allies.

Filled with arson, magic, geese, and betrayals, The Phoenix, The Nightingale, and The Magpies follows the life and times of Florence Elsinger, the Foundation's newest weapon against this ever-changing reality.

(Review by Ralliston and Jacob Conwell)


Pick of the Month


When Will You Die for the Last Time in My Dreams

Written by UraniumEmpire

"The world sucks, and everyone's scrambling to fix that." The ones in said world are themselves flawed people - some are crass, some are vengeful, and some just want to watch the world burn.
In the end, the world keeps turning, and people laugh at the uncomfortable reality of their own existence.

WWYDftLTiMD follows the ex-members of House of Spades on their journey to do bad shit, fuck up, do some soul-searching and then more bad shit, with appropriate background music.

It expertly weaves humor, introspection, character-driven actions and sensitive themes together in a mixtape-shaped package you won't forget.

Underrated Choice


In Saffron Sands

Written by Popsioak

"The world of In Saffron Sands is a completely godless one; in which rampant factions attempt to corral power and support to fulfill what roles have been opened, and one fellow (and his occasionally assholish snake demon) attempt to nix a plot long running behind the scenes."

ISS takes the anomalous world to an oft-overlooked destination in India, and intricately links political intrigue, mythological drama and the struggles of people into a poetic chain of fates, painting a unique picture of the regular anomalous experience in the face of unstable, difficult mundanity.

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