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Hi! I'm Boneka, also known as Bonnie or just Bon. I'm a writer for the SCP-914 Experiment Logs that also happens to be an artist. I've been a part of the wiki since January 2020, but after I got prodded by my lovely director LeveritasLeveritas a few times, I finally got around to making my own art page.

The majority of my work focuses on my co-writers over at Facility 19-23, so I do more recurring character art than I do of actual SCPs, although you can still find my art of SCPs and anomalies in its own tab. I dedicate this art page to all the lovely friends that have inspired and supported me up until this point; you can see most of them depicted in my drawings below!

This page is specifically for SCP-related artwork, but if you're interested in seeing more of my stuff, you can find my other socials here!

Group Photos

Director Lucius Veritas

Director Arthur Hackett

JR Evangeline "Angie" Perry

JR Boneka

WR Samantha Szymons

Researcher Maxwell MacLean

Intern François Beauvillier

Intern Malcolm Scott

JR Shion Ichefue

JR Reimer

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