Art Mycotherapy
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Waiting Room


The room is small, covered with peeling black wallpaper. Strange fungi in unnatural neon hues grow underneath and over it: One smaller magenta mold-like fungus and another larger antler-shaped lime green variety. The walls are covered in bookshelves and framed pieces of art. Nice, but… clearly printed on computer paper and hung in dollar store frames.

You're completely alone. But C. Ignota has left you a note on a coffee table nearly covered in patches of green fungi.

Feel free to enjoy my artwork while you wait. If you want to see more, here is my website for links.
You can find that here.
I'll be in in a bit. Just try not to breathe in any spores.

Good thing you're wearing a mask.

>Go Outside?

Regular old drawings and sketches

This is where stuff that isn't part of a series goes! Yay!

Kuobach's Eyes Comic

Illustrated Writing Prompts

DEPARTMENT-CON 2022 Pixel Icons!

Isometci Pixelart

Click on the TikTok links to watch the videos! I definitely want to do more of these so feel free to suggest some. I want to mostly do Series 6 and 7 or recent re-writes. Newish ones that don't get much love, you know? I will throw in a few older ones if TikTok suggests them though, lol.
HalloweenCon2022 Interactable

+SCP-000 by CryogenChaos
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