3000 comic
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haha… kind of forgot about this project until like…right now. To be frank, this comic is 25 pages in total and I've already completely sketched/panelled it out, I just have to find the motivation to finish it. :'D anyways…here are pgs 7, 8 and 9!

hi everyone, im making a comic about SCP-3000. despite it being one of the more popular SCPs and the many videos and fanarts made about it, I hardly see the story of Krishnamoorthy and Mannava explored. In my opinion, their story is the main emotional payoff, so I wanted to honor it. That being said, the dialogue is taken directly from djkaktus & co.'s writing, but mishmashed and Frankensteined together so it would fit in a comic format. sorry about that, I tried to do it in a way that still kept the theme and tone of the story, but wasn't overbearing.

The images are 72ppi, so if it's blurry you'll have to zoom in. I'm a little excited to show this off, so this page will look a little lame until i upload more pages. or until i find the motivation to learn CSS.


thnx for reading, btw.

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