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So, what is the Art Exchange?

The Art Exchange is a chance for artists and authors on the wiki to give and receive awesome gifts during the Christmas/holiday season. Participants indicate what general sorts of gifts they can give, such as illustrations, tales, readings, or poems, and what sorts of gifts they want to receive. This can be anything as generic as "something relating to my stuff" or as specific as "a science fiction tale involving a wax apple and SCP-106."

People are then assigned a someone to create something for, Secret Santa-style. They then turn in their gifts and receive their own gifts in turn, just before Christmas. After a few days, the organizer reveals who made everyone their gift.

Why is the Art Exchange awesome?

First of all, members of the community, old and new, get together to give one another awesome gifts, which is cool in and of itself. Second, people frequently go all out; we've had ambient albums, fully-fledged RPG splatbooks, and videogames, all made to fit another user's wishes for the holiday. Third, some of the things that people write end up on the site, adding to the awesome richness and rich awesomeness of the site in general.

What's this page for?

To keep track of things people have posted to the site from previous exchanges. Also, to provide an easy way to find previous exchanges. In addition to all of the work that has been posted to the site, there has been tons of amazing art, music, writing, and reading that has been made that ultimately wasn't posted for one reason or another. So check out the threads as well as the articles linked below. And if you create an article based on something you gave for one of the exchanges, feel free to add yourself and tag the article "art-exchange."

The 2022 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
SCP-6458 — penguin waiters (gift for DrScaramoucheDrScaramouche)
SCP-7335 — SIMULACRUM: REDO (gift for JakdragonXJakdragonX)
THEREVEN: GERMINATION (gift for Cole 13Cole 13)
A Wandsman in the Greaze Lands of Kansas
The Smog-Wastes of NeoAmerica (gift for TuftoTufto)
Beneath the Tides (gift for AftokratorAftokrator)
SCP-7112 — Loveless
Alex Thorley Goes on a Blind Date(Gift for syuzhetsyuzhet)
the vitruvian thorley and the cat in the box, #000000 on #FFFFFF (gift for PrismalPrismal)
GOLIATH Activation 000078
The Ballad of the Soup Dog
Faeowynn Wilson's First Tamalada
SCP-3810 — Angela Carter Presents: "The Saltwater Heart"
SCP-7061 — Whiskers' Revenge (gift for LAN 2DLAN 2D)
SCP-7227 — The Other Alex Thorley (Gift for PrismalPrismal)
SCP-7349 — Vigor Mortis (Gift for VoiiiiiVoiiiii)
Finding Avalon (Gift for RallistonRalliston)
Inverse Precognition (gift for TrintavonTrintavon)
Some Are Born To Endless Nosh
Not Alone
Art pieces of Find Us Alive and SCP-6930
The Great Omniscient Caper (Written for YossipossiYossipossi)
SCP-3822 - Everywhere Yet Nowhere (Gift to RigenRigen)
Art of Ryoto Hishakaku from SCP-6488 (Gift to Jack IkeJack Ike)
A Taste For Sore Eyes
Questions And Answers On Our Shared Faith
Audio Excerpts Recovered From The Durandal’s Internal Database (written for swordlover87swordlover87)
Battle Come Down (gift for Sound ChaserSound Chaser)
Testing the Margins (gift for LOVEMARGINALLOVEMARGINAL)
SCP-7877 — Special Containment Professionals (Gift for stoner99stoner99)
A Taste of Theft (Gift for Long Arm LarryLong Arm Larry)
Meanwhile... (painting gift for StrangerSwingStrangerSwing)
SPC-1810: ONYX TEMPEST (Gift for Crow-CatCrow-Cat)
Reclamation (Gift for LightlessLanternLightlessLantern)
Make Your Mother Sigh (Gift for The PigheadThe Pighead)
Stealing Something Else (Gift for TheMMTheMM)
Your Memory Forever Seen (Gift for cdithinkcdithink
Point of Delirium (Gift for FelixouFelixou)
SCP-7577 - The Third Death, Delayed, Forever (Gift for RuskiedRuskied)
SCP-7883 - Bailan las Salitreras (Gift for Gabriel McQueenGabriel McQueen)
The Taste of Home Sweet Home (Gift for Gabriel McQueenGabriel McQueen)
SCP-1983-JP - Remnants of a Dream (Gift for Gabriel McQueenGabriel McQueen)
SCP-7433 - Ghosts Like Us (Gift for Dr LeonerdDr Leonerd)

The Media Arts of 2022

The 2021 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
SCP-6266 — Red Light, Green Light
Critter Profile: Sandra and George!
Chasing The Union
The Games We Play
When the Brass Played
SPC-179: GLORIOUS BEACON (Translation)
The Cheese Has Risen (Translation)
The Critters of Kiryu Labs
CCK-Class--Sorry, Original Character Interaction Story (Translation)
SCP-6086 — Errata
The Great Escape of 6767 and Coffee Snake Art
It's Good to Touch the Green, Green Grass of Home
SCP-6542 — Virgin Dairy 2: SECOND CHURNING for stephlynchstephlynch
SCP-5641 — Seven Seals, Seven Sages
SCP-6618 — "Papa!"
Quid Pro Quo
SCP-6898 — Blue Hawaii
SCP-6427 Art Piece Wallpaper
Applied Crit
SCP-6130 — In Hell, We Live
Children of the Deep
Your Demise Explained
For Merely Dreaming We Were Snow
SCP-6866 — Ash Mountain
Ecce Insurgo for Nykacolaquantum does not match any existing user name
Spider Song (How We Stand as the Universe Collapses) for CelesteKara does not match any existing user name
Ghost Signal for YossipossiYossipossi
The Assassination of Thaddeus Xyank by the Coward Thaddeus Xyank
Don't Go Walking Slow for Agente ShuffleAgente Shuffle
Doctor Cimmerian's Cooking Guide For Foundation Employees
Paradise Lot (anime) for AnAnomalousWriterAnAnomalousWriter
A Eulogy In 11/8 Time
Burnt Offerings

The Media Arts of 2021

The 2020 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
Bear Flag Republic
Dire Wolf
Simply Love
A Place to Sever Stranded Heartstrings // Alex's Fountain
RE: KTO-0001-Bellfather "Overwatch Council"
SCP-5365 - You Do Not Recognize The Antibodies In D. Walter
A Josie Holiday
Home is where I want to be
Melody For a Tortured Soul
███-3955 - Eight Notes
In Finite
SCP-5502 - Where the Smoke Trail Ends
SCP-5580 - Heresiography
The Definition of Madness
Hopping through Worlds
Over and Over, Until We Meet Again
Partner's Meeting
A Special Relationship
Photographs Recovered From a Kayrós Musicians Base
SCP-ES-216 - Lutiya, Pillar of Silence
SCP-ES-232 - Gramophone Gal (Do You Like Gramophones?)
A Working Theory
Out of Frame
Learn To Live
Bill Reviews: The Bird Is The Word
12 Angry Penguins

The Media Arts of 2020

The 2019 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
Little Pleasures
A Kind of Redemption
Sloth's Pit Christmas Façade
they'll always find a Way in
Today I Fucked Up by getting a book from the Library
The Foundation Learns Nothing About Clowns
Scylla and Charybdis
The Mouse Hunter
Last One
Taking Care of the Kids
Radio Silenced
July 27th 1998 Quarry Park Calgary Alberta
Death and the Women
Snow Is Hell
Christmas at Kiryu Labs

The 2018 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
17 Luxemburg Prospekt
Reality TV, Designer Pets, and Fine Dining
On the Radar
New Jersey State Police: Case 102-9381-23
When Home and Hearth No Longer Offer Solace from the Specter of Night
Ambrose London Prix Fixe
Over My Doberman
Addendum to neutralization report KY-2018-DW2
The Doctor's Dilemma
Low Earth Orbit Divinity
Into the Beetle Black Yonder
I've Been Through the Desert on a Horse with No Name
When It Rains, It Pours
There Are No Cages Save For Ones We Make Ourselves
Salt Magic Blues
01110101 01101110 01100010 01110010 01101111 01101011 01100101 01101110
Caged Bird Sings
The Show Must Always Go On
Up Right Left And Down Under
Even The Most Masked Of Men Become Themselves Behind Closed Doors
The DevourerLand Diaries
When Home and Hearth No Longer Offer Solace from the Specter of Night

The 2017 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
A History of Reaction
The Man-Machine
Waiting on the Good Times
D-11424 & the Arctic Meat Hole of Infinite Wonders
Grandchildren Frost
The Picture of an Unian
Ana Hums
The Adventures of Murphy Law
This Year

The 2016 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel
Where They Kept Their Copies
Etymology of die Glocke
The Manistique Broadcast
Aboard the Train to Berlin
Under Control

I Stand Atop a Spiral Stair
After that / Until then
SCP-2602 Photographic Evidence

The 2015 SCP Holiday Art Exchange
Letters from Benares
Walk In The Park
Prelude: Primae Formae
On The Efficiency Of Various Postal Services

The 2014 SCP Holiday Art Exchange

The 2013 SCP Christmas Art Exchange
Corner Pocket
That's The Joke
And Now, He Is Gone
A Kind of Christmas

The 2012 SCP Christmas Art Exchange
Pseudohistorical Mischief
Sympathy for an Empath
Rubber Summer
Father Iron

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