Nobody's Observations on Arson, Activism, and Mustaches
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April 11th, 1993, 3:50 AM

Getting a beeper alert at 1 in the morning was definitely a bit inconvenient, but considering that it said a whole MCD facility went up in flames I'm glad that I actually woke up for it.

Now that I've actually seen it, whoo-wee was it a wreck. Apparently it was their cloning facility, which makes me think it might be on purpose, not an accident. I have a few ideas for who could have done it:

1. Former employee, wanted revenge
2. Customer who got swindled probably unlikely, wouldn't be able to get inside without getting noticed
3. Activist that infiltrated the facility

If I can find whoever did it, they could definitely be a good ally for the future. Anyone who wants to take down MCD and actually figured out how to hit them is someone worth being friends with.

Figured that whoever this activist is, (maybe activists, could be a team) they probably would go after some customers. Liberation in the name of the revolution and such. Shame that I couldn't get my hands on any sales records, that would make my guesswork a lot easier.

Just checked the Moore Estate, considering they were a repeat customer. No signs of anyone breaking in, left a bug to keep watch on the place just in case. If it's hit while I'm gone, I'll know.

Houses to Check:

* Moore Estate
* Coffey Estate
* Waterbury Estate
* Thoroughwood Estate
* Gunderson Estate
* Zommernacht (I think that's how it's spelled) Estate

April 11th, 1993, 9:38 AM

And here I was thinking that I wouldn't be finding anything today. Driving up to the Thoroughwood Estate, to my luck I happened to arrive right in the middle of a failed car chase. A car stuffed full of clones had hit a tree just off the property, and there were several guards running after it.

Two not-clones were in the back, both completely knocked out. One looked a bit more rough than the other. Had a pretty cool mustache, too. Made him look a bit like Mark Twain (Twaine?) especially with that haircut. God I wish I could grow a mustache

Fired back on the guards and tried to unload all of the passengers. I figured that one of the two people in the back seat was the arsonist, so leaving the clones behind would probably not earn me any brownie points. It was a tight squeeze, but we all fit, even that Siamese one.

Clones insisted on dropping the guy without the mustache off at a hospital. When I asked about the other guy, they said not to worry about him. Thinking that Mr. Mustache is my guy.

April 13th, 1993, 3:03 PM

Mustache is still out cold. Good thing for him that he's trying to liberate clone nurses, because they were able to bandage up his arms. Turns out they got pretty badly hurt trying to fight off a guard dog.

Clones aren't really ones for quality conversation, but I at least got a few words out of them. Turns out Mustache is named Gene, and he was trying to bust them out. Disappointed that his name wasn't something cooler, but at least that gave me a pretty solid conviction that he was the activist.

The other guy was Mr. Thoroughwood himself, who was shot by a 226-BPD, whatever that is. Something that seems to put people in comas, I guess? (might be good to get one myself)

Looked through Mustache's briefcase in the mean time. Clones didn't stop me so I figured it was okay. Blueprints, memos, sales records, just about everything that a person would need to have in order to find clones. If this guy isn't my guy, then I don't know what to think.

April 15th, 1993, 2:55 PM

Mustache woke up today and I confronted him about that briefcase. He spilled before I could even tell him that I was a friend. Turns out he was the activist AND a former employee. Friends with the guy who made the cloning machine and couldn't bear to see what people were doing with them.

Twitchy guy, but he's at least got enough smarts to commit arson against MCD and not get caught by them afterwards. He smells awful, though. Had to get him a breath mint before he clouded up my flat with vomit breath.

Mustache told me about what his plans are next. He's apparently trying to find a place to put the clones so they can be safe. Didn't think to have a proper safe house before robbing that estate, I guess. Honestly, not what I expected when I thought about the kind of person who could stick it to MCD

Might be good to keep him around here for a bit. Maybe MCD will mark the whole thing as an industrial accident.

April 16th, 1993, 12:48 PM

Alright, turns out MCD actually had a pretty solid lead on what happened with that fire. Mustache left behind a note saying he did it to Rupert RUPRECHT Carter himself. (god that's such a pretentious name)

Not a condusive (conducive?) way to get away with arson if you say that you did it. Confronted him about it and he said that he wanted to make a statement. At the very least he's in the mindset of an activist, even if his actions don't always reflect it.

He's got potential, but I'm not sure what to do about him. Don't want to get myself compromised while people are searching for him, but I don't want to belittle him and stop the revolution. I'll sleep on it. For now, I'm a bit hungry. All this talk about MCD has made me want a different kind of Mickey D's.

April 30th, 1993, 5:22 PM

Finally got things arranged for Gene and the clones to fly to the states. Have a contact over there that can set them up with a proper base of operations.

Gene gave me a bit more perspective on his motives. Turns out those clones weren't just used for keeping old people alive, they were basically sex slaves for rich people. MCD knew that too, and they kept making those clones anyway.

I offered a few ideas on how to stop MCD beyond just trying to rob houses, considering how well the first one went. He worked for MCD, so he knows business. I pitched the idea of him trying to make a rival company of his own, push out business. He seemed to like that.

Promised I'd invest in them if they actually go through with it. We shook on it.

They're all heading over to take a private flight in a few hours. In the meantime, I'm going to try to grow some facial hair.

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