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The Great Short Story Contest

  • What is this?
    • Boys, Girls, tentacled beasts from the Marianas Trench, this is a creative writing exercise. Don't feel pressured or restrained, and just write and have fun, while giving us all some good ideas.
  • The Challenge
    • To write a short story based off a simple SCP-related concept. Stories can be serious, funny, sad, whatever, they can be SCP entries in and of themselves. They can be two paragraphs long or five pages long. The only guidelines are the story prompt, and even then, you're free to interpret that however you see fit.
  • So what do you need to do?
    • Write me a story. Submissions will be open on September 1st, and end on September 30th, after which will come voting. Voting may be opened sooner if no more submissions are added or coming after a certain point.
    • Multiple entries are allowed, of up to three entries per person. See Winning section for details.
    • If your stories are NSFW due to sexual content, please label them as such.
  • Voting?
    • Anyways, when all the submissions are in (and I'll ask when they're all in) we'll start doing the actual contest voting. Every individual will get FIVE votes to place for any story or mix of stories they wish. I'll set up tabs on the story pages, and you'll actually edit the page to add in your vote Don't cheat or I will find out.
    • Voting is OPEN but feel free to rate the stories as you see fit regardless of votes.
  • How do I Vote?
    • Quite simple. See this?


Thank you for voting!

* This will be at the bottom of every story page. To place your vote(s) simply fill in a 0, like such, on the edit page. If somebody else is already editing a page, just be patient.

Thank you for voting!

* Everybody will get *FIVE* votes. You can put all five in one story, or spread them out in any which way you so please. You can even put every vote into a different story if you so please. No cheating, please.
* Also, feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Anybody who would like to help me collect votes may request to do so in IRC.

  • Winning?!
    • So, there will be a first, third, and second place awards. If you have submitted multiple entries, you can only win ONE place, meaning that you can't win both first and third or second and third. Instead we will go with the next highest bidder.

There is currently no contest! Check back from time to time!

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