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Task Forces are small groups of operators (generally three to ten, though Task Forces larger than twenty are not unheard of) dedicated to performing a specific task or dealing with a particular situation. Each Task Force is assigned a unique combination of a Greek letter and a number, but otherwise nomenclature is the same as for secure facilities.

Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 (aka "The Mailmen"): Surveillance and containment during routine transportation of Safe and Euclid-class items between Foundation sites.

Mobile Task Force Alpha-4 (aka "Pony Express"): Tracking and recovery of anomalous packages sent through normal public or private mail services, such as those of SCP-130 or SCP-1020.

Mobile Task Force Alpha-16 (aka "Uncle Mike's") Equipped to hunt, and suppress public awareness of, entities similar to SCP-746.

Task Force Alpha-440 (aka "What The Hell Was That Sound?") A collaborative operation with personnel from all branches of the Foundation, dedicated to documenting and archiving audio from Foundation incidents, research projects, and operations.

Mobile Task Force Beta-3 (aka "Take-out Diners"): Suppression and mitigation of SCP-785 manifestation incidents.

Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters"): Specialize in the containment of severe biological hazards and the subsequent sanitation of any affected areas.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 (aka "They're on our side, Sir!"): Public misinformation and damage control. Currently working undercover in various media sources to cover up Foundation activity.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 (aka "Deep Feeders"): Assigned to containment and monitoring of various at-sea SCPs such as SCP-169 and SCP-741.

Mobile Task Force Delta-5 (aka "Front Runners"): Assigned to track down and capture SCPs before rival organizations do. Currently tailing agents from the IRG.

Task Force Delta-9 (aka "Hacks"): Permanently assigned to Site 41 for the purpose of containing instances of SCP-567-9. Because of the nature of SCP-567, members of TF Delta-9 must meet several requirements. See the report on SCP-567 for details.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-8 (aka "The Midwives"): Monitor sperm banks and track donors. Responsible for the destruction or removal of non-human reproductive materials given out under the guise of normal semen. Their name refers to their secondary function, when fertilization cannot be prevented. Currently involved in investigation and management of SCP-███. Lost several members in dealings with SCP-231 before that project was reassigned to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-9 (aka "Fire Eaters"): No current assignments, severely disabled in the acquisition of SCP-968.

Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 (aka "Mole Rats"): Exploration and recovery team dealing with large-scale or stationary terrestrial SCP items. Currently investigating areas affected by SCP-184.

Mobile Task Force Eta-10 (aka "See No Evil"): Specializes in the capture, quarantine, and containment of memetic hazards.

Mobile Task Force Theta-4 (aka "Gardeners"): Specializes in tracking and containing plant-based SCPs.

Mobile Task Force Theta-5 (aka "the Bigger Boat"): Assigned to containment of aquatic, biological SCPs, and the tracking down of rumors regarding unusual catches at sea.

Mobile Task Force Iota-4 (aka "Dream Hunters"): Assigned to discovering and containing wild instances of SCP-932.

Mobile Task Force Iota-5 (aka "Tiger Bait"): Created for high-risk assignments requiring extremely quick reaction times. Currently assigned to locate and terminate instances of SCP-247-1.

Mobile Task Force Iota-10 (aka "Damn Feds"): Assigned to intercept SCP-related reports and disrupt SCP-related investigations by local law-enforcement agencies.

Reconnaissance Force Kappa-6 (aka "Angel Eyes"): Built around SCP-438, assigned to various espionage projects relating to the Foundation. Currently teamed with Mobile Task Force Delta-5 for tracking and acquisition of potential SCP items.

Mobile Task Force Kappa-42 (aka "Lucky Seven"): Three missing, presumed dead. Two suicides. One terminated.

Mobile Task Force Lambda-2 (aka "Dr Clef's Bisexual All-Female Stripper Assassin Squad"): Although appearing on the Org Chart, Mobile Task Force Lambda-2 appears to have no members at all, and may, in fact, not exist. Its appearance here is a mystery.

Mobile Task Force Lambda-3 (aka "No Given Nickname"): Currently tracking and acquiring instances of SCP-894-1, -2, and -3.

Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 (aka "Birdwatchers"): Currently tracking and protecting SCP-514.

Mobile Task Force Mu-4 (aka "Debuggers"): Assigned to retrieve, contain, and destroy computer and electronic-based SCPs.

Mobile Task Force Mu-13 (aka "Ghostbusters"): Assigned to SCP-460, responsible for the tracking and containment of resultant manifestations.

Mobile Task Force Mu-89 (aka "Moloch 'n Load"): Trained in linguistics, psychology, and tactical diplomacy. Assigned to SCP-089.

Mobile Task Force Nu-1 (aka "Cause and Effective"): Highly-trained experts on probability, chance, and event manipulation, specializing in using temporal anomalies, resolving time-travel paradoxes, and the understanding the laws of causality.

Mobile Task Force Nu-6 (aka "Triple-Dog Daredevils"): Composed of undercover operatives who resemble children or teenagers, along with support personnel. Currently assigned to track and contain SCP-1448.

Mobile Task Force Xi-8 (aka "Spearhunters"): Trained experts in wilderness tracking, awareness, and long-term survival, often living outdoors for months at a time. Currently assigned to SCP-778.

Mobile Task Force Xi-11 (aka "Polarbears"): Highly-trained experts in arctic survival and tracking. Currently dispatched to Site-32.

Armed Rapid Response Task Force Xi-13 (aka "Sequere Nos" ["Follow Us"]): Platoon-strength rapid response unit, tasked with responding quickly to dangerous and/or anomalous situations where the threat has not yet been identified but military-grade force is deemed likely, including but not limited to large scale containment and security breaches.

Reconnaissance Task Force Omicron-6U (aka "Trilobite"): The SCPS Trilobite and its crew, lost at sea during exploration of SCP-850.

Mobile Task Force Omicron-9 (aka "Hot Zone Dancers"): Specializes in close-quarters battle in Level 4 Biohazard environments.

Rapid Response Task Force Omicron-11 (aka "Burke's Boys"): Tasked primarily with SCP-444 containment and recovery, Omicron-11 is composed of deaf agents trained in containing linguistically transferred SCPs. Omicron-11 is deployed in sub-teams at several locations.

Mobile Task Force Pi-1 (aka "City Slickers"): Specialize in tracking and containment of potential SCP objects in heavily-populated areas around the world. Based at Site-28.

Mobile Task Force Rho-1 (aka "The Professors"): Assigned to secure and transport anomalous items relating to Group of Interest Alpha-388, "Alexylva University." Based at Site 38.

Mobile Task Force Rho-5 (aka "Stitch In Time"): Assigned to SCP-276 for the purpose of repairing temporal anomalies. Currently somewhere in the Victorian Period.

Mobile Task Force Rho-8 (aka "Roadside Picnickers"): Trained and equipped for navigation and exploration of areas with locally altered laws of physics.

Mobile Task Force Sigma-1 (aka "Montezuma"): Currently deployed in the marshlands of [DATA EXPUNGED]; tasked with completing containment of SCP-1099; trains level-1 personnel in practical bio-containment.

Task Force Sigma-6 (aka "Puddlejumpers"): Currently protecting and maintaining SCP-120’s facility and location outposts. It consists of 1 command unit and 1 defense and maintenance unit based at the SCP-120 facility at Command-██; 5 units based at the destination locations, 5 reserve units for these; and 5 units assigned to other SCP-120 related projects.

Mobile Task Force Upsilon-2 (aka "Cattlewranglers"): Tasked with SCP-843 and the locating and destruction of all wild instances of SCP-843-2.

Mobile Task Force Chi-7 (aka "Spotlight Specialists"): Specialize in dealing with SCP objects which thrive in the absence of light.

Mobile Task Force Psi-8 (aka "The Silencers"): Find all forms of communication between graves and the surface, normally put into place as a precaution against accidental burial(such as pipes, bells, and phones) and sever them.

Mobile Task Force Omega-7 (aka "Pandora's Box"): Currently handling and supporting SCP-076. Recently, SCP-105 has been incepted into its ranks. This entry is to be removed by order of the Records and Information Security Administration.

Mobile Task Force Omega-15 (aka "Valkyries"): Air support element based in Sweden, responsible for providing rapid-response close air support throughout northern and eastern Europe. Current assignments include the support of Foundation forces containing SCP-526.

Special Task Force O-23 (aka "The Kitchen Sink"): Created by several members of O5, O-23 is composed of several dozen of those researchers and agents who always seem to be in the line of fire, and survive. When all else fails, send in O-23.

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