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LEVEL 0: Standard operating personnel. Personnel at this level are not permitted any contact with an SCP object; breach of this protocol will result in termination of the personnel involved.

LEVEL 1: Standard security clearance level for staff involved in the maintenance of an SCP object. Level 1 clearance is usually appended with the SCP object the personnel have clearance for (e.g. 1/173).

LEVEL 2: Clearance level for staff involved in overseeing an SCP object. Appended with the SCP object the personnel have clearance for, separated by a dash for those with clearance for multiple SCP objects (e.g. 2/173-847-423).

LEVEL 3: All general security staff for Site-19 or any other site housing an SCP object are required to have this level of clearance and are permitted access to all non-Keter-level SCP objects.

LEVEL 4: Command-level personnel; permitted access to all non-Keter-level SCP objects.

LEVEL 5: Highest ranking Senior Staff; most personnel at this clearance level are Overseers. Certain members of Senior Staff have been given Level 5 clearance due to repeated need to work on Keter-level SCP objects.

NOTE: This security clearance structure is independent of any other military security clearance structure.


D: Class D personnel are designated staff used to handle the Keter-level objects. Warning: Class D personnel are not permitted interaction with Class D personnel assigned to a different object or SCP personnel. Class D personnel are recruited from prison inmates. Condemned persons are preferred; in times of duress, Protocol 12 can be authorized, allowing recruitment of innocents or persons incarcerated for lesser crimes. All Class D personnel are to be terminated at the first of the month, and new staff must be ready to replace them. After Class D personnel have been placed in quarters, staff must only contact Class D personnel through intercom system. All Class D personnel are to be given a minimum of one (1) polygraph test at 1800 on a daily basis. Failure to comply will result in termination. Failure to pass test will result in termination. In event of any abnormalities, termination of entire Class D personnel is advised, as well as any SCP personnel that have had basic interaction with them.

E: Temporarily affixed to the start of a security clearance (e.g. E1), this is used when a new SCP object has been discovered but is still in an unsecured or uncontrolled state. E-clearance personnel are tasked with bringing the SCP into effect and maintaining it. Once the SCP are in place and the object is secure, the E is removed and the personnel are given the appropriate number on the end of their clearance.

O5-x: Overseer-level clearance is given only to the directors of the SCP Foundation. The "x" indicates their number, ranging from 1 to 13 (e.g. O5-7). O5 personnel are permitted access to any and all data related to the SCP objects. However, due to the sensitive nature of their position, O5 personnel are not permitted to have any direct contact with an SCP object, nor may they enter any site housing an SCP object under any circumstances.

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