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A simple status page for the SCP.pdf project, to keep everyone on the same page and avoid redundancy.

Please Note

- Megaupload has been shut down by US officials with immediate effect.
Temporary home of the PDFs.

- All Archives listed below are offline until a new location is found for them.

SCP 002 to 099 - Completed

SCP 100 to 199 - Completed

SCP 200 to 299 - Completed

SCP 300 to 399 - Completed

SCP 400 to 499 - Completed

SCP 500 to 599 - Provisional

SCP 600 to 699 - Provisional

SCP 700 to 799 - Completed

SCP 800 to 899 - Unassigned

SCP 900 to 999 - Completed

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