SCP "Choose Your Own Adventure" Game Project (Archived)


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Staffers Still Needed:

  • XNA programmers

Those of you who wish to become a part of this project, and have sufficient skills in XNA programming, please e-mail me at moc.liamg|worcsohtapniak#moc.liamg|worcsohtapniak and the Head of Game Design, Moley at moc.liamg|a21elom#moc.liamg|a21elom. Please include CYOA in the subject title, or it may be accidentally ignored.

Work Brief

  • A well written story capable of branching out into at least five different story paths, with variables available in each instance.
  • An entire site complete with its own unique SCP separate to that of the wiki.
  • A cast of interesting and well thought out characters with with to interact with.
  • A main character capable of vastly different paths of emotional growth (or lack thereof) depending on the choices made by the player.
  • Realistic and interesting dialog for said characters.
  • Items and such that can be utilized by the player, again realistically.
  • Concept art and Production images to correspond, depict, and well illustrate the story and game.
  • A musical score that adds to the atmosphere and general theme of the game.
  • All to be programmed via XNA.
  • There may be voice acting positions located within, should the design call for it. The main roles, should they be needed, will go to those most befitting the characters in question, though the small bit parts will be given to those in production.

Current Staff

  • Producer: Kain Pathos Crow
  • Head of Games Design: Moley
  • Head of Writing: Dr. Gears
  • Head of Illustration/Animation: Temporarily Moley, as he commands the Art Monkeys
  • Head of Programming: Currently Vacant
  • Head of Music: Currently Vacant

Current Applicants

Writing Staff

  • Dart756
  • Archfeared
  • Rolaran
  • Dr. Gerald
  • NekoChris
  • Fred Jhones

Illustrating/Animation Staff

  • Moley's Team of Art Monkeys
  • Dave Peterson
  • Grace K.

Programming Staff

  • Ekzentric Lohner

Music Staff

  • Rueben
  • Vertigo1_65

Other (Something that doesn't already fit into one of the above roles. Duh)

  • Todd
  • Carter Thomas

Current Deadlines:

  • Writers: Plot Basis, Foundations for Main, 5 Secondary and 10 Tertiary Characters. Ideas for 15 SCP. 10th May
  • Artists: Concept Art for Facility, Generic Characters and Clothing, Interface and Menu, as well as optional SCP Design. 20th May
  • Musicians: Basics of a musical score, as well as ambiance and sound effects. 20th May
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