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Please note that this game is being created to be marketable to people outside of the wiki so suggestions for ease of play or clearer wordings are much appreciated but complaints that the game is too kiddy-fied help no-one unless you have actual proof the simplicity harms the game.

This page will also be used as the Rule reference document for the duration of the game's development and life. Please treat it as such and keep edits to a minimum. Also there will be sections that aren't needed to be completed until the game is in a presentable state but they will be added here for sake of completeness.

Section 1: General Rules and Game Setup

Section 1a: Game Overview

Each player represents an O5 level person who is attempting to secure SCPs as they appear around the world while gaining funding over their opponents. This game is designed to be played with 2-6 players but can support more or even solitare play if needed.

This game has a growing and ongoing storyline and each of the 90 card sets represents the continuation of that storyline. Please note that the CCG will diverge from the wiki metaplot so don't expect things to be the same.

Each 45 card set represents an important event or alternate reality that do not impact on the main storyline. Examples include The Great Prank War and The Complex.

In order to play the SCP-CCG each player will need the following:

  • A Deck of 40 cards no more, no less.
  • A 5 card Deck of SCPs.
  • Enough tokens to clearly represent various effects. Around 30 of various colors for each player is considered to be sufficient.

Your goal is to have the largest number of SCPs Contained when the game ends. You do this by playing Personnel, Gear, Resources and Finances before attempting to secure the unsecured SCPs that are in play and containing them. You can also attempt to sabotage your opponents attempts to secure and contain SCPs through the use of various Complications and Missions.

Section 1b: Starting the Game

Each player puts their SCP deck into a pile with all the other player's SCP decks and shuffles them together in a pile in the center of the table. Each player then shuffles their deck and places it to their left and takes 5 tokens and places them in their resource pool. (see the layout example if not sure)

Each player draws their starting hand of 6 cards and looks at it then bids to go first. Bidding works by each player naming a number and another player may name a higher number to be the winning bidder this continues until no player names a higher number. The winning bidder removes that many cards from the top of their deck from the game and will be the first Active Player. If 2 or more players name the same number then bidding continues if they both would be the winning bidder.

Section 1c: Winning and Losing the Game

There are currently 2 ways for a Player to win the game and 2 ways for a Player to lose the game.

Win Condition #1:
When all SCPs in the SCP deck have been either Secured, Contained or Destroyed then the Player with the highest total Skill in SCPs either Secured, Contained or Destroyed is the winner.

Win Condition #2:
If a Player manages to reach the requirements of an alternate win condition then that Player immediately wins the game.

Lose Condition #1:
If there are ever 30 or more Escalation Counters on Unsecured SCPs then all Players lose the game.

Lose Condition #2:
If a Player ever has no cards left in their Deck that Player immediately loses the game.

Section 1d: The Golden Rules

The SCP-CCG has some rules that should be abided by above all others and they are:

#1: If the text on a card contradicts the rules in any way the card takes precedence.
#2: The SCP-CCG can become very complex during play. If a Player asks you to explain a card or an action you have taken you must explain that card or action before continuing.
#3: Don't be a dick. Games are for fun.

Section 1e: Deck Building

A Players deck MUST contain the following to be legal for play:

  • Exactly 40 cards. No more, no less.
  • At least 1 Personnel Card.
  • No more than 3 copies of any non-Unique Card.
  • No more than 1 copy of any Unique Card.
  • No more than 1 copy of any Personnel Card by Subtitle. e.g. Dr.Gears - Research Fellow and Dr.Gears - Steampunk Wunderkin count are allowed in the same deck but 2 copies of Dr.Gears- Research Fellow are not.
  • No more than 1 card with the Rare Keyword.

A Players SCP deck MUST contain the following to be legal for play:

  • Exactly 5 SCP. No more, No less.
  • No more than 1 copy of any SCP.
  • No more than 1 Skill 10 or higher SCP.

Current Status:
Rules: Streamlined and reworded with some card types moved to future expansions.

Demo Decks: Due to an overhaul of the power level of the game, the new Demo Decks will be available shortly.

The Foundation: 0/180 Complete.

<Big Set #1>: 0/90 Complete.

<Little Set #1>: 0/45 Complete.

To The Cleverest: 0/45 Complete. The SCP-050 inspired set. Think Unglued and you won't be far wrong.

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