Partial Worldwide SCP Map (Archived)


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The following is an incomplete map of mainlist SCP recovery locations, Foundation secure Sites and Areas, and other Locations of Interest. Unless otherwise noted, each marker represents the location where the SCP in question was first recovered/identified. The map is kept up-to-date as much as possible, although if you notice a missing entry, feel free to add it.

The Map

The following key is used to identify map entries:

Green: Safe
Yellow: Euclid
Red: Keter
Blue: Thaumiel
Brown: Neutralized

Lesser-used categories:

Forest (dark green): Safe variant
Light Yellow: Euclid variant
Red Dust: Keter variant
Burgundy: Neutralized variant
Orange: Euclid/Keter
Purple: Keter-Thaumiel
Grey: Unclassed
Sunflower: Zeno
White: Foundation facility
Black: Maksur


  • Click on the satellite view button to switch the map to satellite imagery
  • Click on each entry for a link to the relevant wiki article
  • Under the view menu, select 'show list' for an alphabetical/numerical list of entries
  • Not all anomalies may be visible on the satellite view. If you are unable to locate an SCP at the marked location, assume the satellite data has been censored according to Foundation protocols1
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