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Senior Staff and You

These are the people who are assigned responsibilities on the site. It's their job to help keep the site running as smoothly and as well as possible. Most of them are veterans, with experience built up from the time spent here. Here's a small dossier to help show who the senior staff are. If you have an issue for staff to address, please refer to the Contact Staff page.

Note: You are expected to know who staff are when you encounter them "in the wild", because you have to know when to listen to them. You don't have to memorize or even thoroughly read these bios. But you do have to know which people are staff.

PS: Yes, these are tongue-in-cheek, but they're still true, so don't be surprised. We warned you.


aismallardaismallard: Programmer, sapient duck, Wikijump-er and Tech Co-Captain. Sometimes writes too. Can be contacted on Discord, IRC, and Wikidot PM with questions about technical details for drafts or technical details about the wiki. Runs @wikidotbugs on Twitter.

DexanoteDexanote: Canadian Pokemon Master. Good at brainstorming and expanding on ideas, not so great when it comes to rewrites and refining failed drafts. Excellent at grammar and phrasing. Possibly part hobbit. Has not, in fact, caught them all.

DrBleepDrBleep: Most easily reached via IRC, or PM. Current captain of MAST. Is a career Microbiologist, PhD candidate, knowledgeable in most topics involving bacteria and viruses. Avid gamer. Staff member in other communities not involved with SCP. Sometimes on a full moon when they aren't running mad science, they are available to give critt. She/Her.

DrEverettMannDrEverettMann: A pretty cool guy, and a great writer. He's got a very impressive creative mind, though sometimes it's used for evil. Good choice for asking military-related questions. Also runs the Wanderers Library.

TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC: Does work for the Internet Outreach staff team. Probably entirely human, probably sleeps sometimes.

ZynZyn: Poetry enthusiast, betta fish parent, and Nymphalis antiopa caretaker. Zyn maintains the Butterfly Squad Roster, and is available to answer questions via wikidot PM. She can help if you want your articles to evoke non-scary emotions. Can also provide some guidance regarding psychology (admittedly, it's been years since the undergrad thesis and psyc lab research…). Favors "Marp" as an onomatopoeia. Is kaiju butterfly ninja master on the weekends.


CroquemboucheCroquembouche: Knows things about JS, CSS and ListPages. Changed the password to the coffee machine in the staff room and won't tell anyone what it is. Deals format screws in dark alleyways from trenchcoat pockets. The trenchcoat is also for sale.

cybersqydcybersqyd: Possibly a squid. Does forum crit. Is reachable via PM/IRC/Occult Ritual. Not good at the whole writing thing unfortunately.

Deadly BreadDeadly Bread: Is missing bones and would like to be notified if they are found. Derives sustenance from MAST work and can be contacted through both IRC and Discord. Will tag articles in exchange for the single live bee found in Cleopatra’s coffin.

DrKensDrKens: Materials engineer and graphics designer, sometimes also writes. Most easily contacted via IRC or wikidot PM. Feel free to contact him for questions about engineering, semiconductors, nanomaterials, and other materials questions!

Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck: Licensehower of the SCP wiki. If you have questions about image use and the Creative Commons license, they’ll most likely know the answer. They’ll also know who removed an image from your article and why, since it was probably them. Also does cool things for Community Outreach sometimes. Can be contacted via Discord, IRC, and Wikidot PM.

gee0765gee0765: Does forum and site crit. Can be found in chat. Ask him about cows.

Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell: Half man, half robot, and half coffee, Conwell came to the wiki to delete cold posts and write articles and tales of dubious quality. Perhaps it's for the best that the cold posts never seem to stop. As the moderator currently running the majority of deletions on the site, Conwell will likely delete something of yours at some point if it hits -10 votes. He’s usually in the chat and is happy to look at drafts of all kinds. He’s better used for developing ideas than for fixing grammar because words are hard.

LadyKatieLadyKatie: LadyKatie is our primary staff member for translation work on the wiki, as well as our primary contact for the INT Community and the translation sites. She also helps around the forums, giving crit and offering advice. She has an excellent cat named Pepper.

LeveritasLeveritas: Currently the despot moderator managing the experiment log for SCP-914 (don't PM him to ask if your entry will be good, makes him very cranky). This takes up most of his time on the Wiki, so make sure a draft or idea is well thought out before approaching him. Especially enjoys drafts with a strong sub-narrative. He's also fluent in Dutch, if you need that for some reason.

LilyFlowerLilyFlower: When she's not organising a revolution or deleting copyrighted images, Lily can be messaged for help with biology (particularly zoology), socialism, queer stuff, and licensing. Always in #site19 and checks her wikidot PMs regularly. Ask her about her music tastes.

ManyMeatsManyMeats: An amalgamation of meats and also a pretty decent bowler. Perhaps most infamous for the extreme amount of mana required to summon him, he is usually found dishing out Site Crit or pummeling the masses with knowledge in IRC. Has a dog that is substantially cooler than he is, and who is also better at Site Crit.

MalyceGravesMalyceGraves: Very probably only dead on the inside.

ModulumModulum: A wonky nerdy gay music crow with an eye for design, analysis and educational content™️, Mod is - fittingly - a mod in several respects. He currently directs collab log pruning for MAST and also manages social media for Internet Outreach. Creator, curator, and head moderator of r/SCPDeclassified, home to the wordiest SCP content on the web. Subsists exclusively on a diet of synthesizers and science fiction novels.

NaepicNaepic: leader of the Castration Initiative and can't believe that the name actually stuck. Probably has a court order to stop using underscores by now. Definitely has a stop order now. Has eaten more silica gel than most people, and it shows. Does licensing and sometimes everything else.

ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor: is the only raccoon currently on staff, and thus the coolest one by default. He can appear grumpy at times, but in reality he's just a fan of whining and hyperbole. One of the chief licensing dorks, and always happy to answer questions about Creative Commons.

RiemannRiemann: Resident weizhong wrangler. They're the resident physics nut with strong opinions on your math draft. Will repeatedly talk about deconstruction and post-structuralism in reviewing your drafts, forum or crit. Also the self proclaimed Riewrite team member.

RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes: Starting a small collection of bones so guests have something to talk about. Forum Criticism and Site Criticism staff. Will review your in-progress and posted works if you ask politely. Not ticklish.

stormbreathstormbreath: Wikiwalk staffer, spends way too much time on this site. Site lore guru, has written for most GoIs. CSS hack, has made multiple themes. Can be contacted for crit and feedback if needed.

taylor_itkintaylor_itkin: Resident guitarist/classically trained vocalist and co-captain of Community Outreach alongside ProcyonLotor, and lead of the Seminars Project alongside monumental dumb-dumb TheMightyMcB. Easily reachable by Wikidot PM or on IRC. Easily bribed with sandwiches, cookies, or soup. Big fan of both Green Day and Pantera. Check me out on Spotify or iTunes I guess.

TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB: Also known simply as "McB", he's the favorite mediocre guitarist and semi-competent heavy metal vocalist on staff. McB is also a vice captain of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team, the co-lead for the Seminars Project with taylor_itkin, and the head of the MAST Guide Rewrite Initiative. There is a nonzero chance that he will initiate ritual combat with others possessing a "Mc-" name.

Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone: Juggles responsibilities, balls, and clubs - sometimes all at the same time. Celtic takeover now in progress. Frequently found lurking in IRC.

UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire: The Bernie Sanders of SCP. If you need help with computer shit, in or outside the context of a piece, don't hesitate to call into the dread void she haunts unto the end of days. Please send her pictures of arthropods.

WhiteGuardWhiteGuard: Resident knight and history enthusiast, he is a very friendly fellow. WhiteGuard will reply to any message sent his way. Being acutely aware of staff statuses, feel free to ask him if you are curious about staff as a whole. WhiteGuard is probably best known for being the "non-official interviewer for the SCP Wiki."

YossipossiYossipossi: Resident pattern screamer, local author, and nation-mandated moron. They are a member of MAST, Internet Outreach, and Collections; they also moderate r/SCP, r/SCPDeclassified, and r/DankMemesFromSite19, and are in-charge of the 05command Updating Subteam. Can be communicated with via Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Wikidot, IRC, and telepathic communication.

Operational Staff

Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby: Not as famous as the video game character, but appears in chat and on the forums more often. Also known for complaining about Computers, Robots, and Other Things He Deals With On A Daily Basis. Most easily contacted on IRC and wikidot PMs. And before you ask, yes, I did put valuable time and energy into making this witty. Thanks for noticing.

CerastesCerastes: We're not really sure how they got here, and neither are they.

CityToastCityToast: Writer, social media addict, VR and tabletop game developer, general nerd. Developed licensing knowledge and powers after being bitten by a radioactive copyright violation as a teenager. Member of Licensing and IO.

dankaardankaar: Another staffer who is mostly under the radar, the rarely spotted dankaar is Good With Critique.

HexickHexick: Is scared of people, and happy to be here! They much enjoy recording data, reading, writing, existential dread, computers, the outdoors, robotics, and a slew of other totally normal things. Likes helping out both on-site and in IRC, and tries to be very thorough; nothing gets past them. [Placeholder; staff summary goes here. Remember to remove this during finalization.]

JackalRelatedJackalRelated: Film and visual media enthusiast, probably a walking film camera. Worked on the masterpiece MAST (2020), which won an imaginary Oscar. Can be found at film studios: IRC, Discord, and Wikidot PM. Will one day make a film that rips off the plot of one of his SCPs wholesale.

JorethJoreth: People think Joreth is a wolf - but he's actually a dog wearing a wolf hat. Believed to be made staff in a failed attempt to curb shitposting. Does Internet Outreach because no one wants him on the site.

Lazar LyusternikLazar Lyusternik: Draft critter. Idea critter. Possibly swamp critter. Can be found frequenting IRC and forums. Keeps a watchful eye on draft and idea forums to poach unsuspecting posts.

LimeyyLimeyy: Just a site reader falling upwards into Operational Staff. Currently on MAST and Community Outreach, they can be found lurking in IRC, through discord (Limey#5814) or through wikidot dms. Due to a frankly unreasonable amount of time on their hands, hit them up if you want some crit or a hand with something!

MrAnakinSpecterMrAnakinSpecter: Master of ghosts and terrible jokes. Might one day finally one-up Tuomey, but it is unlikely.

NagirosNagiros: Hatsune Miku in the flesh. Witch-mother of Hell. Very normal/well-adjusted critter and tagger. PM me if you’ve got questions on anything!

NaveilNaveil: Good with critique™. Resident coffee drinker and forum watcher. Shoot 'em a PM on IRC or Wikidot if you have any burning questions.

OCuinOCuin: Pretentious Irish person. Can usually be found wandering the Ideas forums, Drafts forums, and the IRC chat for things to crit. Fan of very short works and currently researching methods of writing a sub-0-word article.

OptimisticLucioOptimisticLucio: No one on staff, including him, is entirely sure how he got here. Has a comically sized collection of board games he never touched, and an equally sized collection of books he still is procrastinating on reading. Sometimes slow to answer DMs, but will answer them.

pr0m37h3umpr0m37h3um: Pandora/Prometheus (she/he/they) is exactly the type of person you would expect to name themself after not one, but two Greek mythological figures. Mechanical engineer, habitual gamer, and member of MAST opstaff, he can be found on Twitter and Discord (Prometheus#1312). She considers herself friendly and approachable, so don't be afraid to have a chat!

RaddagherRaddagher: The staff's favorite artistic autistic. Marketer of events and maker of doodles. Likes tales and poems and is known to be wholesome on main. Ate a cotton ball once. Didn't regret it.

The PigheadThe Pighead: Comes from "le pays de les baguettes et de les éclairs au chocolat" (aka France). Student, writer, tries to be a journalist but have no clue of what the future will look like. Is secretly a Queen Boo trying to look like a human with a pig mask. Currently on Community Outreach and MAST, but you can also reach her on Discord, Wikidot PMs and IRC if you need a crit or help about something. Former member of SCP-FR. Don't ask. You can ask her about Sonic the Hedgehog, tho.

UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing: You probably know this incorporeal user from a variety of places, under a variety of names, under a variety of appearances. Here on the wiki though, UC can be found welcoming newcomers or illustrating books borrowed from a certain Library. Don't tell the Wanderers it's ended up becoming a Jailor.

VivariumVivarium: Most easily reached via IRC, or PM. Can be found lurking in IRC or doing work over in MAST. They have been known to make art, and write every now and then. If you ask them nicely and offer them a sacrifice, they might even crit something. Vivarium is also not a cult leader and any rumors stating otherwise are not true.

weizhongweizhong: Resident Riemann bully. Overworked mechanical engineer by day, coffee-fueled writing maniac by night, you can usually reach weizhong by IRC or Wikidot PMs. Ask him about woodworking, cooking, or narrative arcs, and he'll be happy to talk your ear off. The other alleged Rewrite Team member. May or may not be three dogs stacked in Croquembouche's trenchcoat.

Junior Staff

Junior Staff are users who we're testing out to see if they'll work well as full members of staff.

Current Junior Staff:

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