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Hello! Welcome to the Foundation meetup page. Now you may be wondering, "Roget, you dashing rogue, what's this all about then?" Well thank you very much anonymous person, I will tell you what this is all about. Basically, it's a place where you can organize meeting, greeting, and other activities with other people who are on the site in real life. Whether it's at a convention, a concert, or you want to organize meetup specifically designed for us, you can give your fellow Foundationeers the heads up. It's a place where if lets say, Bland, was going to attend a music event, he could come here and post something like this (Note: Do not actually post anything like this):

"I'll be at Burning Flipside which has nothing do with the Foundation, but, eh!"

And then if you wanted to go, you could post something like this:

"That's so cool! I am also going, and perhaps I could meet you and some other Foundationists!"

Alright, so now that you know what it is, here is how we are going to do this. Since Wikidot has nothing in the way of calendars, I have devised an alternative. Lets say you are planning to go to….Rogetcon. You would create an event on the page like this:

Event When Where Who is going Comments
Rogetcon The date of this event, and how long it goes on name of venue and specific address If you organized the event, put your name here and put "organizer. If you are going, just put your name. -that sounds like fun, I will go. ~Rosen
-I may be able to go. maybe. ~Taylor
-Y'all love a good pie? ~TroyL

If you want to join the event, just edit your name into the "going" category. If you don't know how, ask me and I will put you in myself. And I think that about covers it. Feel free to create or join any event that you can, and PM me with any questions you may have. Enjoy yourselves!



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