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What is this? well, let me repost a bit from the thread in the forum that spawned it:

the recent thread regarding people's published works status got me thinking. I'd love to be published, and I hope to be someday…but the market for short story folks is not a friendly one. i have novel length ideas…good lord do I, but not novel-length time/peace and quiet in which to explore them. Anyway, through this mental rambling, i stumbled across an idea. What if I and others of a like mind put together a big ball of short stories, just one or two each, and then…I don't know, make a ebook and put it on some book site, maybe? The idea being our names wander out in to a more public venue, and we have something we can show to eachother and others and say "this is neat!"

In short: I wanna make a short story collection with some other authors from the site.

First, please understand i have no publishing experience at all…if anyone does, and would like to lend any aid, i'd appreciate it. At this point, I'm just looking to make a ebook i can read on my phone, and maybe toss up on feederbooks or something. I'd love for it to get bigger, but i'm not holding my breath.

Now, what the hell kind of book is this going to be? Well…i was thinking something along the lines of horror and weird fiction. understand also that this may hopefully be read by people who have no idea at all what The Foundation is, so heavily in-universe stuff may not fly well at all. Stories that maybe make a small, veiled nod to the site mythos is welcome, but be sure to approach it with some skill. Beyond that…go nuts, really. If it's creepy-pasta short, you may want to do several, just to bulk up the page.

Original work is very welcome, but if you have something sweet already on the site, i don't see a problem with tossing it in. I plan on trying to weedle in my own story "Stitches", but we'll see. Please be aware that, with this being something like a "finished" work, it's going to be a little higher standard then normal. I'm not sure what kind of review staff we'll have…maybe a mutual thing, or just one or two people elected, we'll see.

Since then, we've…well, not progressed much, but we have a little more structure now. Far2, who actually works in publishing, has offered his aid in getting things laid out and looking professional. Clef and RhettSarlin have raised hands in the capacity of editors and reviewers. We've also got a fair amount of folks that are very interested in adding work to the project, so i felt it was about time to have a dedicated page to link everything to.

I'll lay out the rules in the next section as well, for ease of reference. This list may be subject to change, addition or subtraction as progress begins.

  • We are looking for short and super-short (creepypasta) length works. Novella length stuff will need to wait for another project.
  • Basic themes are horror and weird fiction. The "fear of the modern" theme found in many creepypasta works is encouraged, but not at all required.
  • This is currently a not-for-profit work. Publication will most likely be via ebook, with possible hard-copy volumes to be determined.
  • Original stories are encouraged, but previous on-site works will be accepted. Works published off-site will be declined, as it can raise questions over rights and such that are better avoided.
  • Non-story work, such as poetry, will be considered case by case.
  • Authors are allowed 1-3 "slots" for short story work, and 1-4 for creepypasta length work. More may be submitted for initial review, but final inclusion may not exceed this amount.
  • Assume readers will have no knowledge of The Foundation universe. A veiled reference to the SCP series is welcome, but heavily in-universe or "storyline" works will most likely be declined.
  • Reviewing will be more rigorous then for standard site works. This is for publication, so "meh" is not good enough. If you vote, please comment as to why. If you do not vote, please comment as to why. Criticism, good or bad, is heavily encouraged.

The base idea I have at this point is for a set of "waves". The first wave will be the initial gush of works, with everyone submitting stories and works for review and editing. After this will come a second wave, where up to half of the submitted works will be whittled down, and finial drafts being submitted. Third wave will be final selections, collection structuring, and the finalization of things. Now, how this will actually work in practice, I'm not sure.

My initial idea is to sit down and actually collect everything. Then, after a few weeks to a month, or when things have sufficiently calmed down, there is a day or two of hard review. I myself am (god help me) committing to reviewing every entry submitted, and attempting to vote and comment on each. If even half the interested users do the same, we could have well polished works with extreme speed. I plan on setting up a chat channel as well in the near future for ease of coordination, which will be linked here as well.

My concern is over the final review process. I feel a certain proprietary interest in this project, but I'm not sure if one person holding the reins is the best of ideas. Community involvement is key, however if a sort of "board" is required to help speed things up, it will be considered. I'm expecting to know a bit more once things are underway.

Please feel free to express questions, comments and concerns.

Author Section

Please include username, name you wish to be known by within the book, and a list of stories you would like to submit for review.

Dr. Gears (D.A. Gears)

Short Stories:

Mad Love

Dr Bright (Mitchell L Peters)


Photosynthetic (TBA)

Short Stories:


Fykos (Lex Griffiths)

Short Stories:

min min (Sean C. E.)

Short Stories
The Other Side
The Woven Man

spikebrennan (Dennis Brennan)

Short Stories
Transcript of meeting, June 2 1972

Dr. Djoric (TBA)

An Audience

Corerosion (Benjamin Mok)

Short Stories

MisterKillam (Riley A. G. Killam)

Short Stories
The Last Redcoat

Salman Corbette (S.E.K. Paine)

We Interrupt this Program

Roget (R.J Clinton)

Diary of a Young Girl

Azzleflux A.F. Lagrange

Three's a Crowd
Daylight Come


Short Stories
A Day at the Call Center
Guard Duty

Rumetzen (Eric Empson)

Short Stories
The Faraday Girls

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