Guide to Posting Adult Pages


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Any pages which contain adult material need to be posted in accordance with the Adult Content Warnings Policy.

Site members are not expected to know and carry out these instructions, any author posting an adult page may request that site staff implement this on their behalf.

This requires two pages:

  • The actual article. This must be posted in the adult: category.
  • The splash page. This provides a content warning and a link to the actual article.

By posting in the adult: category, the page will automatically gain a warning banner, and a redirect to the splash page unless the user has opted-in to the content. As a result, MAST will apply the redirect tag in addition to adult.

The splash page will have the adult and splash tags, and must include component:adult-splash to provide the standardized notice:

[[include component:adult-splash slug=scp-xxxx]]

If it is a mainlist SCP, it should also have a Wikiwalk footer underneath:

[[include component:adult-splash slug=scp-xxxx]]


[[div class="footer-wikiwalk-nav"]]
<< [[[SCP-xxxw]]] | SCP-xxxx | [[[SCP-xxxy]]] >>

The slug parameter has the URL or "slug" of the page being posted. For instance, for adult:my-tale the slug would be "my-tale".

Once the splash and main pages are posted, ask a moderator to lock the splash page and its discussion forum. Edits and comments on the new article may only take place on the primary page in adult:, not the splash page.

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